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Re: How to reduce the cost of the ports collection?

Thanks everybody for the replies!  It seems the thread went more towards the 
"clean all" issue. I've seen that pkgclean really works faster. 

However am still not very convinced about having the whole package tree ( I do 
not use biology, games, finance...). It seems to me that the whole thing (cvs, 
pkgfind, pkg_leaves, pkgsurvey...) will slow down the larger the tree is. It is 
very tempting trying to speed things up selecting a reduced set of directories 
and/or downloading only missing dependencies.

Regarding the cvs update speed, it seems there is no way around, is there?

Am 25.06.2010 um 17:09 schrieb Greg Troxel:

> Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost> writes:
>>  | A clearly-safe improvement would be to have the recursive make record
>>  | which dirs it recursed into and have recursive clean only clean those.
>>  | That should get speedup without leaving workdirs.
>> I suggested something like that (in a PR perhaps) some time ago, but the
>> suggestion wasn't taken very seriously.   It would certainly help avoid
>> the excessive cleaning that happens now, but "rm -fr ..." is still always
>> going to be lots quicker...
> I didn't see that, but I don't know why - it seems like a clear win with
> no problems.

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