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Re: How to reduce the cost of the ports collection?

> It seems to me that the whole thing (cvs, pkgfind, pkg_leaves,
> pkgsurvey...) will slow down the larger the tree is.
For searching in pkgsrc packages you can use wip/pkg_online-client.
As the package name says it is a client part of client/search system for
searching in packages. Server is up and running and is updated daily.
Search is fast, DRAMMATICALLY faster than scanning entire pkgsrc
tree even on modern computer, and depends solely on server's capabilities.

pkg_leaves doesn't depend on pkgsrc tree at all.  It uses databases of
installed packages.  For the same functionality I'd recommend you use
wip/pkg_status.  pkg_status provides different types of functionality
including (with option -l) that provided by pkg_leaves. And Yes,
'pkg_status -l' works much faster than pkg_leaves especiall on platforms
with slow fork(2), e.g. Interix or Solaris. On slow machines you'll also
see the difference.

pkgsurvey -- doesn't depend on pkgsrc tree too.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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