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Re: chat/{libpurple,pidgin} is broken

On 06/27/10 23:13, Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> Jan Danielsson <> wrote:
>>    Is there any way libpurple and pidgin can be downgraded to 2.5.7 in
>> pkgsrc? (or perhaps 2.5.8).
>  There's a bug which has been known for
>> quite a while now, and until it gets fixed, MSN is very problematic
>> with pidgin. See
> Please don't. Pidgin 2.6 added new features. Why should everyone using
> another protocol suffer because MSN is broken?

   That's what I wanted to find out. If there had been no new features
which people use, then a downgrade would have been possible.

   There appears to be a work-around, for others who do use pidgin with
MSN. The chat/msn-pecan package may work instead. Could it be added to
the chat/libpurple/MESSAGE file?

   Considering it's silently ignoring incoming messages, but not
consistently, it might be fair to warn users not to use it [the built-in
MSN module]

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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