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Re: How to reduce the cost of the ports collection?

Francisco GarcÃa RodrÃguez <> writes:

> However am still not very convinced about having the whole package
> tree ( I do not use biology, games, finance...). It seems to me that
> the whole thing (cvs, pkgfind, pkg_leaves, pkgsurvey...) will slow
> down the larger the tree is. It is very tempting trying to speed
> things up selecting a reduced set of directories and/or downloading
> only missing dependencies.

You can do this, but you're fighting the way pkgsrc is designed to work
- just be aware of that and on the lookout for trouble.

Any package that has a dependency just includes
../../category/package/ and expects that to be there.  If
you get a subset of pkgsrc, and never build a package that depends on
something you don't have, you probably won't have a lot of trouble.  So
removing biology might be ok, because there are likely few packages not
in biology that depend on something in biology.  But there are not a lot
of categories so self-contained, and I think you will find you can only
save 10-20% this way.

I find that cvs update takes a while, especially on slow machines
without a lot of memory (I'm currently updating on a Sparc Classic with
32M of RAM and 4G disk).  But I just start it and come back later (4
hours later in this case).  I have many other things to do and I'd
rather minimize brain time than system time.

I guess that if you try to speed up cvs by subsetting that you will end
up spending more time coping with not having a full checkout than you
will save.  But I could be wrong and you could end up with a useful
scheme.  To really get speedup, I would try writing something that takes
a package and checks for including files that aren't there, and then
fetches those things.  So you'd get /usr/pkgsrc/Makefile and all of
/usr/pkgsrc/mk and pkgtools, and then grab the package you want and have
the tool get sources for all the dependencies.

(Well, I wouldn't try, but that's my advice if you do.)

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