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Re: Removing old and broken and/or insecure packages

> I'm sure you tested before you wrote, but there seems to be something
> different in my system. I've tried several times with mixed results,
> sometimes it worked ok but other times it would play mp3 files as random
> noise, or eat lots of CPU. I'm not convinced by this program, which
> really is a pity, since I do like most of the user interface.

I've found that both xmms and audacious fail to play sound a good
percentage of the time when OSS audio is not available.

> (I noticed that mpg123 seems to fail on some mp3 files on 64 bit CPUs,
> thinking them corrupted; maybe audacious has similar problems).

mpg123 really doesn't like variable bitrate mp3s, IIRC.

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