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Removing old and broken and/or insecure packages

Hi all,
in preparation for the time after the freeze (TM), I was going over the
bulk build results and the list of vulnerable packages and would like to
clean up the error lists on both.

I am nominating the following packages for removal. Please voice
reasonable objections, if you actually *use* something on this list
and can't switch to the alternatives. Just to make that very explicit:
I do not consider "Someone might want to use that" as argument.

If one the reasons is the age, I will mention the time of the last

audio/csound4 (superseded by csound5)
audio/csound4-manual (superseded by csound5-manual)
cross/i8300-hms-binutils (5a, might be vulnerable)
cross/h8300-hms-gcc (3.8a, ancient GCC)
cross/i386-cygwin32 (5a, egcs (!))
cross/i386-mingw32 (ancient GCC, might be vulnerable)
comms/plptools (ancient C++, last update 2004)
cross/i386-ming32 (4a, might be vulnerable)
databases/php-pdo_odbc (marked as BROKEN in March 2009)
devel/jgrasp (JDK <= 1.4)
editors/java (JDK 1.5)
emulators/vmware (completely outdated, no support upstream)
emulators/vmware-module (completely outdated, no support upstream)
emulators/vmware-module3 (completely outdated, no support upstream)
emulators/vmware3 (completely outdated, no support upstream)
lang/gcc (only of historic value)
lang/gcc-ssp (only of historic value)
lang/jbuilder-jit (JDK 1.3)
lang/jdk (JDK 1.1)
lang/jdk-openjit (JDK 1.1)
lang/sun-jdk14 (unsupported, ancient)
lang/sun-jdk15 (unsupported, ancient)
lang/sun-jre14 (unsupported, ancient)
lang/sun-jre15 (unsupported, ancient)
lang/tcl83 (supersed by TCL 8.4)
lang/tk-tclX (TCL 8.3)
mail/columba (JDK <= 1.4)
net/boinc3-seti (5a, broken C++)
net/flan (JDK <= 1.4)
parallel/GridSim (JDK 1.4)
sysutils/fdgw (ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM=NetBSD-1.5.*-i386)
sysutils/xraidadmin (JDK <= 1.4, restricted)
x11/swing (JDK 1.1)
x11/tk83 (TCL 8.3)

I am curious if anyone is still using audio/xmms, that is one of the few
major GTK 1.2 applications in the tree.


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