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Re: CONFIGURE_ARGS - ways other than edit Makefile?

Anne Bennett schrieb:
I wonder if there's a way to change a package's CONFIGURE_ARGS
without editing the Makefile directly, that is, by using a
command-line flag or by editing mk.conf or pkg_install.conf.

No, there is no way. At least no universal, documented one.

The reason for this is that we want to put all the environmental settings into a form that can later be reproduced easily. Modifying arbitrary variables from the command line is definitely contrary to that goal.

In your case, you can hack around that goal if you really want and must. Just add the following lines to your mk.conf file:

.if ${PKGPATH} == "x11/xlockmore-lite"
CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --enable-syslog

This works because the xlockmore package Makefile only appends its values to that variable. And remember, using this method, you can only prepend values to that variable. And you have no guarantee that this will work in the future.


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