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Re: Problem installing libreoffice

Riza Dindir <> writes:

> Did NetBSD drop libreoffice-

I realize it's confusing because pkgsrc and NetBSD are both projects of
The NetBSD Foundation, and they are related because pkgsrc is the
official packaging system of NetBSD, but really you are asking about
pkgsrc.  (It's fine to ask about pkgsrc on NetBSD here, especially the
kind of question you asked.)

> I had it installed on my system, and had a problem with some libboost
> libraries (after upgrading all the packages on the system using
> pkgin). Wanted to upgrade libreoffice using "pkgin install
> libreoffice". The system said "libreoffice is not available in the
> repository".

Indeed looking at the directory of packages it is not.

> On there is libreoffice-, but not on has google ads so I don't pay any attention to it :-(

But it is probably talking about pkgsrc-current, rather than 2022Q1.


In pkgsrc sources, misc/libreoffice looks to be at as you say.
That update happeened on the 17th of May.

In the logs for the bulk build that generates the packages you are using
for pkgin, the version is, and the packaging step failed.  Hard
to tell but it looks like it ran out of RAM or something:

So you could, if you are inclined, try to build it, if you have a big
RAM machine.  8G might even be enough; I don't really know.  If you are
using pkgin with 2022Q1, you should check out that branch.  It is
unsound to mix current and a stable branch.

> Did NetBSD drop that particular version?

pkgsrc has libreoffice, but it didn't build in 2022Q1 for amd64.  There
was no decision to remove the package from pkgsrc.

Looking over for
"libreoffice-7" gets me (as a developer, I can run find on the ftp


so it is building from pkgsrc-current on 9 in a different build, on
i386, and on aarch64.  I suspect, without any really good evidence, that
this is a resource issue in the amd64 bulk build setup.

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