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Re: rdp access netbsd 9.2

Hello George,

  GG> ...xrdp is probably a better option than freerdp2, see below.

    I'm told freerdp2 is only an RDP client, which doesn't sound like
what you are looking for.

  GG> In my experience, RDP is less glitchy and works much better over
    > network latency than vnc.

    There are some vnc clients that aren't great.  On NetBSD I tend to
use tightvnc.  On others I use the free RealVNC viewer.

  GG> freerdp2 is the only rdp client I saw in pkgsrc, I've never used
    > it.

    Ah, my mistake.  I thought you were looking for an RDP server.  In
the past I have used rdesktop as an RDP client.

  - Andy Ball

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