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rdp access netbsd 9.2


I would like to configure rdp service to access nb 9.2 running in a vm.

There is freerdp2 in pkgsrc, however it does not include any example
rc.d or implementation guidance. The NetBSD Guide, X Window system
chapter discusses setting
up an X server, window managers, etc, but there is no mention of
remote access, which I would expect would be a common, if not the most
common means to access a NB X server, today.

I know there are several parts to configure simultaneously,
fortunately I have xdm, ctwm, and X working in the console, from the
base install. So I guess I need to configure a session manager and
Xvnc, properly invoke freerdp2, and possibly enable network access...

Whatever works, I was hoping someone would share their tierce setup steps?


George Georgalis, (415) 894-2710,

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