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Fwd: rdp access netbsd 9.2

Hello George,

  GG> I would like to configure rdp service to access nb 9.2 running in a vm.

    That's an interesting idea.  If nothing else it might be handy for people
with thin clients that "speak" RDP but not X11.

  GG> There is freerdp2 in pkgsrc, however it does not include any example rc.d
    > or implementation guidance.

I haven't tried it but I'll look at it tonight.

  GG> The NetBSD Guide, X Window system chapter
    > discusses setting up an X
    > server, window managers, etc, but there is no mention of remote access,
    > which I would expect would be a common, if not the most common means to
    > access a NB X server, today.

    I doubt it's common to use RDP for that.  It's possible to tunnel X11 or VNC
through ssh and I've done that in the past.  Potential perks of VNC include the
ability to disconnect and reconnect at will without impacting your session,
support for low bandwidth connections and the ability to host one or more X
desktops on VNC servers that are not tied to the physical console.

  GG> I know there are several parts to configure simultaneously, fortunately I
    > have xdm, ctwm, and X working in the console, from the base install.  So I
    > guess I need to configure a session manager and Xvnc, properly invoke
    > freerdp2, and possibly enable network access...

Does freerdp2 use Xvnc somehow?  That surprises me.

  GG> Whatever works, I was hoping someone would share their tierce setup steps?

What's a tierce?

  - Andy Ball

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