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Re: Network Oddities

interface configuration
- rc.conf

- ifconfig.wm1 and ifconfig.wm0
   media autoselect

I did have a core dump in the root directoy
-rw-------   1 root  wheel  493K May  3 12:56 dhcpcd.core

1. With both network cables connected but only one ifconfig.if file I get two different addresses. - service network restart works as expected; however service dhcpcd restart produces the seg fault.

2. With both network cables connected but only one ifconfig.if files, both configured with "up" and "media autoselect" neither interface is assigned an address. service dhcpcd restart produces the seg fault and service network restart fails as well (but I am not sure what the output was. I'll try again)

I'll test my system based on your suggestion, i.e. using Ron's wacky setup and sending netstat -r results.

This sounds fun, I love testing and troubleshooting, but (no laughing) I don't even know what the debug sets are or how to use them. I can look it up, and if you have some helpful docs, point me at them and I'll read those too.

Any instructions on how to "read" the dhcpcd.core file to help discover where and how it failed?

On 5/7/22 9:06 AM, Martin Husemann wrote:
On Fri, May 06, 2022 at 07:18:04PM -0400, Ron Georgia wrote:
"what's in ifconfig.wm0"
cat /etc/ifconfig.wm1
media autoselect

I simply copied ifconfig.wm1. And, yes, they were connected to the same

While this may not make much sense in general, it is not clear to me
why it fails if both interfaces get assigned a different IP address
via DHCP (which should be the case, unless they have the same MAC
address - then things totaly will brake).

So it might be worth to investigate the failing setup a bit closer.

Can you show full output of:

	ifconfig wm0
	ifconfig wm1
	netstat -r

in the failing state?

Maybe the crashing dhcpcd you saw caused a misconfiguration, we need to look
into that too - did you get a dhcpcd.core file? Do you have the debug sets


Ron Georgia
"There seems to be a scratch in the prism of my understanding."

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