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Re: Network Oddities

On Tue 03 May 2022 at 13:27:27 -0400, Ron Georgia wrote:
> With ethernet cables plugged into both wm0 and wm1. Everything works;
> however the only ifconfig file is ifconfig.wm1. Everything works. Reading
> through the docs, the recommendation is to have an ifconfig.if for each
> interface. The dhcpcd service is up and running without issue. I copy
> ifconfig.wm1 to ifconfig.wm0 and restart the network. But I get an error:

Well the first question is: what's in ifconfig.wm0 and ifconfig.wm?
If you try to assign the same address to both, for example, that is
likely to fail.
Also: these two ethernet cables you mention, are they both connected to
the same network, or to different networks? The first is usually not
helpful, unless you specifically set up load sharing or something

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