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Re: Network Oddities

On Fri, May 06, 2022 at 07:18:04PM -0400, Ron Georgia wrote:
> "what's in ifconfig.wm0"
> cat /etc/ifconfig.wm1
> up
> media autoselect
> I simply copied ifconfig.wm1. And, yes, they were connected to the same
> network.

While this may not make much sense in general, it is not clear to me
why it fails if both interfaces get assigned a different IP address
via DHCP (which should be the case, unless they have the same MAC
address - then things totaly will brake).

So it might be worth to investigate the failing setup a bit closer.

Can you show full output of:

	ifconfig wm0
	ifconfig wm1
	netstat -r

in the failing state?

Maybe the crashing dhcpcd you saw caused a misconfiguration, we need to look
into that too - did you get a dhcpcd.core file? Do you have the debug sets


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