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Re: ZFS RAIDZ2 and wd uncorrectable data error - why does ZFS not notice the hardware error?

Hi Michael,

On 16.07.21 16:46, Michael van Elst wrote:

smartmontools has more features and also understands rare setups
with e.g. RAID controllers, early USB enclosures or vendor-specific
(usually undocumented) parameters. It also comes with smartd to
monitor drives continously.

For plain SATA drives atactl is fine. It can also pass SMART commands
to most USB drives that attach as sdX.

I was lucky - in my case, atactl is apparently sufficient for the basics. Not so lucky, but also no surprise, is the result of the self-test:

saturn$ doas atactl wd2 smart selftest-log
SMART supported, SMART enabled
Log entry: 21
        Name: Off-line
        Status: No error
Log entry: 0
        Name: Short off-line
        Status: Read element of test failed
        LBA first error: 1375756400

I will overwrite the disk with zeros once as a test. According to the S.M.A.R.T. values, the number of "pending" sectors has already decreased - from 18 to 15.

197 200    0     no  online  positive    Current pending sector      15

Kind regards

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