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Re: ZFS RAIDZ2 and wd uncorrectable data error - why does ZFS not notice the hardware error? (Matthias Petermann) writes:

>Thank you very much for your valuable advice! I will add the=20
>smartmontools to my custom repository today so that I can install it on=20
>the NAS. In the meantime, I had another look at atactl - it seems to=20
>offer the possibility of reading out the error memory or starting a=20
>self-test. I have now done that, but I suspect that smartmontools=20
>probably offers more features.

>saturn$ doas atactl wd2 smart error-log
>SMART supported, SMART enabled
>No errors have been logged
>saturn$ doas atactl wd2 smart selftest-log
>SMART supported, SMART enabled
>No self-tests have been logged
>saturn$ doas atactl wd2 smart offline 1
>SMART supported, SMART enabled

smartmontools has more features and also understands rare setups
with e.g. RAID controllers, early USB enclosures or vendor-specific
(usually undocumented) parameters. It also comes with smartd to
monitor drives continously.

For plain SATA drives atactl is fine. It can also pass SMART commands
to most USB drives that attach as sdX.

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