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Re: IPF rules

On 02/07/2021 13:38, Rhialto wrote:
On Fri 02 Jul 2021 at 07:39:20 -0400, Todd Gruhn wrote:
I started NetBSD, and shutoff IPF. Pinging and both got immediate
results. If I left IPF down, and start FireFox, and goto, I get the "Critical Security Alert" popup,
and the mouse gets frozen. I need to press the button, and reboot.

How much of this prob is IPF and how much is Google?

IPF doesn't do popups of any sort, so that is easy.

Yes. I've stopped using IPF in favour of NPF since I switch to 9.x but that was because I could see that eventually support for it was going to stagnate. Inever had any real problems with performance before I did switch.

I run my firewall on NetBSD so traffic from all the devices in my house flows through NPF (and used to go through IPF) with no obvious performance impact. Happy to help out troubleshooting either your existing IPF ruleset or working out how to do what you need with NPF.

Have you tried installing an ad blocker? uBlock Origin is good; I
use it with some extra filter lists enabled. A javascript blocker, such
as NoScript, is also good for safety, but a bit more annoying in
practical usage, because there are so many web pages that use javascript
where they totally shouldn't.

The firefox addon module has got a bit grumpy about displaying add-ons on netbsd but you can get past that and they work fine. :)

Without adblocking the web is a pretty nasty place for that sort of horrible popup. I always spot how rubbish the web is when I'm forced out of Firefox into Chrome on my mobile where you can't install add blocking add ons. I never cared about the adverts on sites until they started attacking my PC. I see an adblocking add on not as an anti-commercial statement but a security statement.

I did just do a test access of my gmail account via firefox on 9.2 stable (but with a few months out of date firefox-84 package. Apart from the small delay while I dealt with the 2 factor auth popup on my phone the access was pretty quick.


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