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Re: IPF rules

On Thu, Jul 01, 2021 at 10:17:48PM -0400, Todd Gruhn wrote:
> I like the point about DNS -- sooo if I accept tcp/53 and udp/53, that
> can speed things
> up?

Well, at least you won't be breaking DNS which is a good start.  It is
hard to say if it will or won't speed things up but it is an easy (and
correct) thing to do anyway.

>How would I know if IPF is the problem?

Well, turning off the firewall and testing would be something you could 
do but you may not want to do that, you need to make that call yourself.
You did lead with something that sounded like "ipf is slowing my gmail"

>I stole the IPF rules from 2 of the IPF examples in

If you can it may be helpful to post a sanitised version of your
ipf.conf (obscure ip addresses and other identifying info) so people can

Brett Lymn
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"You mean werewolves?",
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