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Re: Problems with pkgin after upgrading from 6.1.5

  I've taken the route of upgrading from 6.1.5 32bit to 7.0 64 Bit - This
  worked without a hitch using the binary sets upgrading.

  But pkgin decided to be a tad confused about the whole deal, I thought this
  was due to some packages still being 32 bit, So I upgraded everything there
  was to be upgraded, so now I no longer have any 32bit programs left.

You may need to nuke pkgin's database and regenerate it; I wouldn't be
surprised if it stored the host arch.   But I looked at mine with
"sqlite3 /var/db/pkgin/pkgin.db .dump" and didn't see that.

Are you really sure that none of your installed packages are stil i386?
cheesy script:

$ cd /var/db/pkg && for i in *; do echo -n "$i: "; pkg_info -B $i | egrep MACHINE_ARCH; done

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