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Re: Kernel hang on i386 running 6.1.3


Bob Nestor wrote:
All the cards that I've found and tried to use that didn't work with NetBSD 
would have worked with FreeBSD based on my reading of the Version and Device 
Hmm, I bought off e-bay a PCMCIA card to use with my laptop(s) which don't have integrated Wireless, I tried it and it doesn't work on linux, and on any BSD.. it is ath based! I'm not sure exactly which chipset it has, it is surely atheros.

I bought then another card, again ath based, which doesn't work on linux (although it gets recognized, but I think it loads bad firmware or initializes it badly because it never connects although the device exists) connects sometimes in OpenBSD and if it does it works... I don't remember what exactly the problem on NetBSD was, but I wasn't lucky either.

I then stopped buying cards, because it is hard to know before what chipset you will get!

If I can give more information to get them better supported I'd be happy.


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