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Re: Motherboard recommendations?

On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 08:14:26AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> Shutting down due to overheating sounds like a problem with the CPU and fans, 
> or lack of fans, rather than the motherboard as such.

Thanks. I tried several things to isolate the cause, but never suspected
the CPU. I think I'll give that a try before purchasing a new motherboard.

Fan is alright, tried replacing also.

> Be sure you have a good CPU fan and case fans.
> I don't think Intel makes motherboards any more, but I assume you mean 
> compatible with Intel CPU as opposed to AMD.

Right, I meant intel chipset and CPU. Intel motherboards are still
available in the market, though due to Intel's exit from the space, I
don't think I'd prefer those.

> I have two MSI motherboards.  If I were shopping for a motherboard again, I'd 
> look to MSI, Asus or ASRock but have unfavorable experience with Gigabyte.
> Be sure to check the specifications in detail on the manufacturer's website.  
> Look for UEFI as opposed to legacy BIOS, and USB 3.0, supported in Linux and 
> FreeBSD, may be up and coming in NetBSD as I can see looking at 
> NetBSD-current kernel configs.

Thanks, those are valuable inputs.


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