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Re: Motherboard recommendations?

> I am about to buy a new motherboard (preferably Intel) for a desktop
> computer and would like to check NetBSD compatibility before buying.

> How shall I go about checking the motherboard compatibility with NetBSD?

> My current motherboard is Intel DG965RY, which runs NetBSD 6.1, i386 just
> fine. I have been facing overheating problem with this motherboard. It
> sometimes shuts down voluntarily due to overheating. Hence looking for
> replacement. Had SMPS checked, tried reducing the peripherals to minimal,
> though the problem persists. So seems a motherboard problem.

> Mayuresh.

Shutting down due to overheating sounds like a problem with the CPU and fans, 
or lack of fans, rather than the motherboard as such.

Be sure you have a good CPU fan and case fans.

I don't think Intel makes motherboards any more, but I assume you mean 
compatible with Intel CPU as opposed to AMD.

I have two MSI motherboards.  If I were shopping for a motherboard again, I'd 
look to MSI, Asus or ASRock but have unfavorable experience with Gigabyte.

Be sure to check the specifications in detail on the manufacturer's website.  
Look for UEFI as opposed to legacy BIOS, and USB 3.0, supported in Linux and 
FreeBSD, may be up and coming in NetBSD as I can see looking at NetBSD-current 
kernel configs.


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