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Re: Import sysupdate into NetBSD

Hi Julian,

On Mar 17, 2014, at 01:06 , Julian Djamil Fagir <> 
> Hi Fredrik,
> On Sat, 15 Mar 2014 22:18:38 +0100 Fredrik Pettai wrote:
>> On Jan 19, 2014, at 09:31 , Brett Lymn <> 
>> wrote:
>>> On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 03:41:57PM +0100, Fredrik Pettai wrote:
>>>> Speaking of good procedures of updating the base system, isn't it time
>>>> to import "sysupgrade" (pkgsrc/sysutils/sysupgrade) into the NetBSD now? 
>>> Yes. sysupdate - Julian Fagir actually did some good work for the last
>>> Google Summer of Code.  We should be importing this.
>> (I've been using jmmv's sysupgrade for some time now, and that works good.
>> Updating NetBSD with it have becoming faster & simpler, saving time.) 
>> I also tried to test sysupdate
>> (
>> However, it's not possible to simply test it by pointing it at the regular
>> NetBSD releases, as it requires extra data to be present on the ftp server
>> (referring to the mtree/<RELEASE>/set.XXX checksum files). 
> when GSoC ended, I wrote a blog article about the project:
> I planned to publish it also on the NetBSD blog, but I don't remember why
> this didn't happen.
> The checksum and mtree files are the real problem: This would need a larger
> integration in the NetBSD build infrastructure. I don't know how much work
> this would actually be, so far there are two scripts that would have to be
> run by me to update the mtree and checksum files.


>> - I guess a modification to " distribution" needs be added that
>> also export the mtree dir + set files together with sets, to ease the
>> distribution of the releases then they are made available on the ftp.
> No, will be fine. If you have the tarballs visible inside your
> filesystem, sysupdate would not check for changed files.

I don't follow?

Then I wrote ('modification to " distribution" …') I meant what you 
just wrote above, better integration in the NetBSD build infrastructure, so 
newly built distributions gets bundled with the stuff sysupdate needs to work.

>> - I also noted that "sysbackup soft" isn't working according to the usage
>> output you get from itself. (however, "man sysbackup" indicates that there
>> are more mandatory arguments needed...)
> The documentation needs to be updated. Benny started with this, but I didn't
> push the changes yet. Anyway, the most recent version is in my repository.

Ok, found it.

>> - sysrollback(8) is mentioned in sysbackup(8), but it's not bundled with
>> the package (alias for sysbackup?)
>> - Tracking daily built releases (like netbsd-6) doesn't seem to work
>> (although, that's not a major goal for this tool) 
>> Are there any updates/fixes that to sysupdate & sysbackup somewhere? (the
>> version I'm trying is 0.9)
>> What the next steps?
> There are some smaller issues, and Benny already started reviewing the code.

I'll start by testing the latest version, and see how that works…
(btw. who's benny? blymn@ ? bsiegert@ ?)

> The reason I didn't continue pushing for it is simple: When I had the time, I
> was waiting for reviews, and now I got the OK, but don't have time anymore.

(Too bad you didn't push out the blog article, then more people would probably 
know about it in time)

> If anybody else would like to import it, he should free to do so (but maybe
> contact me beforehand), I personally won't have time for this before summer.


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