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Re: Import sysupdate into NetBSD [was: Re: WARNING pseudorandom rekeying]

On Jan 19, 2014, at 09:31 , Brett Lymn <> wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 03:41:57PM +0100, Fredrik Pettai wrote:
>> Speaking of good procedures of updating the base system, isn't it time to 
>> import "sysupgrade" (pkgsrc/sysutils/sysupgrade) into the NetBSD now? 
> Yes. sysupdate - Julian Fagir actually did some good work for the last
> Google Summer of Code.  We should be importing this.

(I've been using jmmv's sysupgrade for some time now, and that works good. 
Updating NetBSD with it have becoming faster & simpler, saving time.)
I also tried to test sysupdate 
However, it's not possible to simply test it by pointing it at the regular 
NetBSD releases, as it requires extra data to be present on the ftp server 
(referring to the mtree/<RELEASE>/set.XXX checksum files). 

- I guess a modification to " distribution" needs be added that also 
export the mtree dir + set files together with sets, to ease the distribution 
of the releases then they are made available on the ftp.

- I also noted that "sysbackup soft" isn't working according to the usage 
output you get from itself. 
(however, "man sysbackup" indicates that there are more mandatory arguments 

- sysrollback(8) is mentioned in sysbackup(8), but it's not bundled with the 
package (alias for sysbackup?)

- Tracking daily built releases (like netbsd-6) doesn't seem to work (although, 
that's not a major goal for this tool)
Are there any updates/fixes that to sysupdate & sysbackup somewhere? (the 
version I'm trying is 0.9)

What the next steps?


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