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Re: WARNING pseudorandom rekeying

Le 06/01/2014 20:38, a écrit :
  "Turns out the new kernel tries to pull in entropy from the disk and
   if the secondary boot loader hasn't been updated that entropy isn't
   available and the entropy pool gets drawn down quickly, which then
   reverts to the pseudorandom device needing to generate some.  Or
   something to that effect.  Copying /usr/mdec/boot to / is fix."

Anyway... maybe helpful for others coming across this after an upgrade.

Yes it is. Thanks for the heads up, bootloader's update is often overlooked during upgrade.

People are accustomed to "copy kernel, reboot, tar base.tgz" or similar, which is wrong IMHO (misses etcupdate, postinstall...)

Jean-Yves Migeon

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