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Re: Garmin Edge 705 and NetBSD?

  I had to disable the special linux driver (it's some sort of USB-to-serial
  I think, but requires different software than the direct-USB tools I'm now
  used to), so it must be similar to NetBSD's ugen(4).

I think that's a driver to make garmin usb look like garmin serial.
modern practice (including on linux) seems to be to use libusb.

  libusb's usb_bulk_write() call is implemented differently on Linux and *BSD
  though.  Here's the BSD code.  It fails at the write(3) call with EIO, but
  I have no idea how to debug this...

I think you need to turn on USB kernel debugging:

  options DIAGNOSTIC
  options UGEN_DEBUG

  in the kernel, set ugen_debug to 10

read src/sys/dev/usb/ugen.c
specifically look at ugen_do_write

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