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Re: Garmin Edge 705 and NetBSD?

I have the Forerunner 305 which I think is very similar (at least it's
identical to the Edge 305).

ugen1 at uhub6 port 2 ugen1: vendor 0x091e product 0x0003, rev
1.10/0.01, addr 2

No sdX there (but this device supports no maps).

I tried to retrieve data using gpsbabel and garmintools (which I just
packaged for pkgsrc) but I get:

usb_bulk_write failed. 'error writing to bulk endpoint /dev/ugen1.02:
Input/output error'

This is on NetBSD 5.x/amd64.

The same tools work fine on Linux with my FR305.  (and do include HR,
speed, cadence etc).


On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 09:34:48AM +1000, Malcolm Herbert wrote:
> I've been a long-time user of Garmin GPS devices - since 2003 or so I've
> had an eTrex Vista and more lately a GPS 60.  Both of these devices have
> a serial interface that I've combined with the pkgsrc garmin-tools
> package to good effect to download all the tracklog data and produce
> some maps.
> Unfortunately I recently trashed my GPS 60 when it fell from my bicycle
> when riding at around 30kph ... 
> So, I've been looking at the Edge 705 but have discovered that it
> doesn't have a serial interface, just a USB port[1] and NetBSD doesn't
> appear to recognise it, nor does it appear in the output of usbdevs.
> I'm particularly interested in the heart-rate add-on and was wondering:
> a) whether anyone has gotten this device working under NetBSD and
> b) whether the heart-rate data is combined with the tracklog data when
> downloaded.
> I get the impression that the 705 is a fairly popular unit, so I'd be
> surprised if no-one had one working with NetBSD ...
> I'd be reasonably comfortable changing to different download tools if
> necessary, but I draw the line at needing to run Windows to run Garmin's
> download tool which probably also won't record data in a format I can
> use elsewhere ... 
> Regards,
> Malcolm
> [1] and an SD port, which appears to be only for map data
> -- 
> Malcolm Herbert                                This brain intentionally
>                                                left 
> blank

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