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Re: Looking for guidance on filesystem tuning

  We're talking small-potatoes here :) Maximum 50 users, light load:
  about 30 messages delivered to local inboxes each hour.

  I've been running on older hardware for a long time and will continue
  to do so for a while as I don't think I'm maxing out what I have so
  far: Dual PIII 1GHz, SCSI disks mirrored w/ RaidFrame RAID1.

Given your needs, I think the bigger concern is reliability.  I would
use RAID-1 and turn on wapb on the data filesystems, leaving it off on
/, and I'm a believe in a separate / /var /usr /home setup especially
for a mail server.

Also, I'd use dovecot, but cyrus-imapd might be ok.

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