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Re: Looking for guidance on filesystem tuning

At Thu, 19 Nov 2009 16:08:05 -0500, Louis Guillaume 
<> wrote:
Subject: Re: Looking for guidance on filesystem tuning
> We're talking small-potatoes here :) Maximum 50 users, light load: about 
> 30 messages delivered to local inboxes each hour.
> I've been running on older hardware for a long time and will continue to 
> do so for a while as I don't think I'm maxing out what I have so far: 
> Dual PIII 1GHz, SCSI disks mirrored w/ RaidFrame RAID1.

That should be enough of a system for your stated needs. :-)

Fifty heavy-duty users with IMAP/SSL connections, large INBOX and other
often-used folders, and aggressive clients which open multiple
simultaneous connections might use up lots of CPU at times though.

> But what I'm really trying to get at is any file-system performance 
> tweaks that would help in this situation and that would perhaps apply to 
> more general, higher-volume situations too.

On my home system, a DELL PE2650 with PERC 3/Di SCSI RAID controller,
/var has 16384 block size, 2048 frag size.  With FFS it's a compromise
between the size of the filesystem and the size of the average file.

BTW, you can get a similar machine for $600 or less on eBay these days.

                                                Greg A. Woods
                                                Planix, Inc.

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