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Looking for guidance on filesystem tuning


I'm about to upgrade my mail server and I was looking for some NetBSD-specific guidance wrt, primarily, the filesystem tuning. But any info regarding kernel options to improve performance would be great too.

Here are the details:

 o We will be using cyrus-imapd from pkgsrc.
 o The file system will be part of a RAIDFRAME-mirrored pair of
   SCSI disks.
 o Many of the messages will contain large attachments.
 o The server hardware platform is i386.
 o We will be using regular builds of the netbsd-5 "stable"

The Tuning chapter in the NetBSD guide seems to need a fixup too; there is no mention of WABPL, which appears to be the wave of the future (at least for now).

Any guidance would be helpful, as well as any pointers towards good documentation.



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