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Re: WiFi <=> Ethernet bridge not working; advice?

Mark Shroyer wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 06:31:10PM -0500, Mark Shroyer wrote:
> So I guess that answers my question: if the bridged 802.11 interface
> isn't in host AP mode, it will be unable to forward frames with MAC
> addresses different from its own.  In hindsight I'm not really sure what
> I was thinking trying to set this up.
> Anyway, I figured I should post this follow up in case someone else
> makes the same mistake and finds this thread on a search engine...
BTW: Is it possible to bridge 2 WiFi interfaces (ath0, iwn0)? The ath0
interface is in hostap mode and should listen for dhcp requests. iwn0 is
connected to the internet and should provide Internet access to the
clients connected to ath0.

I haven't test it yet but I suppose at least following steps are necessary:

$ ifconfig bridge0 create
$ brconfig bridge0 add ath0 add iwn0 up

Does IP forwarding have to be activated?

Best regards,


Victor Dorneanu

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