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Re: Corrupted file system or WAPBL problem with 5.0.1?

Frank Wille wrote:
cygnus# ll -a
ls: imap/INBOX: No such file or directory
total 12
drwx------  3 info  users  512 Oct  2 21:23 .
drwxr-xr-x  3 info  users  512 Feb  7  2009 ..
drwx------  3 info  users  512 Feb  7  2009 .imap
-rw-------  1 info  users    0 Feb  7  2009 inbox

No such file or directory? A ghost file? Perhaps the file system is

Does it get listed by shell expansion when you do ll -d imap/* ?

I'm running the server since many years (started with 1.6.2, then 3.1, now
5.0.1). But I never saw this problem before. Could it be caused by enabling
WAPBL, which I did after having installed 5.0.1?

IMHO, I don't see how WAPBL could do that. I would rather look for faulty hardware, with silent on-disk/write data corruption. $ atactl <device> smart status.

What is the recommended fix? Should I force an fsck?


Jean-Yves Migeon

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