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Re: named complaining more than once an hour, spamming logs

Jonathan Schleifer( said 2008.12.05 
16:56:24 +0000:
> Am 05.12.2008 um 16:53 schrieb Wouter Klouwen:
> >A process cannot change PID, so therefore you have two named  
> >processes,
> >competing for the same resources.
> >Shutdown all of your named processes and start up named again with  
> >the rc
> >script.
> I already tried restarting it with /etc/rc.d/named, but that didn't  
> help. But I just noticed now that there were indeed two named  
> processes, one which just wouldn't die the normal way, so I gave it a  
> little help with pkill :). Now it seems to work again. I wonder why  
> there were two named processes running anyway? Thanks for the quick  
> reply!

The rc script stores the pid of the named process in a file in /var
somewhere, and uses that to control the named process. This assumes there is
only one. Therefore if you launch named without the rc script, doing a 'sh
/etc/rc.d/named stop' won't do anything, and a 'start' will just start a new
instance. So you will indeed have to use kill to terminate the "unmanaged"
process, otherwise the situation will just continue, no matter how many
starts, stops or restarts you issue.

Somehow named was either started manually or /var/run/ got lost.

> Jonathan


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