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Re: named complaining more than once an hour, spamming logs

Wouter Klouwen <> wrote:

> The rc script stores the pid of the named process in a file in /var
> somewhere, and uses that to control the named process. This assumes
> there is only one. Therefore if you launch named without the rc
> script, doing a 'sh /etc/rc.d/named stop' won't do anything, and a
> 'start' will just start a new instance. So you will indeed have to
> use kill to terminate the "unmanaged" process, otherwise the
> situation will just continue, no matter how many starts, stops or
> restarts you issue.
> Somehow named was either started manually or /var/run/ got
> lost.

Well, I know that, but I'm pretty sure I never started named manually,
that's what confused me. I have, however, /etc/rc.d/named stop in
my /etc/ppp/ip-down and /etc/rc.d/named stop in my /etc/ppp/ip-up, so
it seems something went wrong there.

Anyway, the reason I do that is that named complains when the
connections is lost and adds a message to syslog about each message.
This is more an ugly workaround than anything else. So I think I should
find out why it does that and fix that.


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