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Re: kern/38778: /kern files do not show up anymore after quite some time

| On a freshly booted system there is no problems to see files under /kern;
| after quite some time/use (cvs up src + kerne build), they do not show
| up anymore but remain available.

  This symptom may be triggered intensive file access, and in
my case rsync -aH /m/NFS-HOST/ /local-dir/ with having
/m/NFS-HOST at large size. It is really 180GB for here.
It only needs two minutes to reproduce the problem.
 But just find src -newer tarball.tgz or find src tarball.tgz may
be the key. 

 I have tracked down this problem, and it seems to me
that the changes in the range of
  2008/01/24 17:30 UTC - 2008/01/24 18:00 UTC
is the key to this behavior.

Also when I rebooted at 2008-01-24 18:00 kernel, I was getting
following problem.
   unmounting file systems...panic: unmount: dangling vnode

In this range: following commit seems to be very suspicious:

Related mail:

Makoto Fujiwara,

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