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Re: port-alpha/40300: 'target kvm' doesn't work on alpha

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 04:55:00PM +0000, Manuel BOUYER wrote:
 > >Synopsis:       'target kvm' doesn't work on alpha
 >      'target kvm' doesn't exist in alpha--netbsd-gdb built from
 > Quoting Martin Husemann:
 > src/gnu/usr.bin/gdb6/arch/alpha/
 >    G_LIBGDB_OBS does not contain bsd-kvm.o
 > No idea why mknative did not pick it up or if it would work if you add it.
 >   I tried adding bsd-kvm.o to G_LIBGDB_OBS but it seems it's not enough.

I had the displeasure of digging around in gdb config recently, so
while I'm far from an expert I think I know what's wrong.

It looks as if you need to add a call to bsd_kvm_add_target() to
_initialize_alphabsd_nat() at the bottom of
src/gnu/dist/gdb6/gdb/alphabsd-nat.c, akin to the one in

To do it properly you also need to add bsd-kvm.o to NATDEPFILES in
src/gnu/dist/gdb6/gdb/config/alpha/, and rerun mknative in all
its full glory.

mipsnbsd-nat.c and config/mips/ also appear to be missing this,
and maybe other targets too.

David A. Holland

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