Index of netbsd-bugs for February, 2004

seebs pkg/24286: xmms-mad won't build pkg/24287: sysutils/nautilus wont' compile on FreeBSD; trival fix pkg/24288: misc/koffice won't compile with python23-pth on a system, which has pkg/24289: fluxbox doesn't compile
Lagno, DenisX wsmoused.conf xconsole entry, also veriexecctl(8) and tunefs(8) errata
netbsd-install@home. pkg/24290: postgresql doesn't package (patch included) pkg/24292: Undefined PLT symbol 'rrd_clear_error' in port-m68k/24293: Native compile of igmp.c fails with internal compiler error update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24294: rc.d script for clamav pkg/24295: update mimedefang to 2.39, add rc scripts
dhgutteridge@hotmail bin/24296: Proposed additions to the ftp man page
Min Sik Kim pkg/24297: shells/zsh update to 4.0.9
Min Sik Kim pkg/24291: devel/libtool* update to 1.5.2
SAITOH Masanobu bin/24298: sh dumps core while editing long line kern/24299: uvm_map.c doesn't compile bin/24300: enhance progress=n option in dd(1) kern/24302: "unexpected status bits: 0x00800000" error with 3ware Escalade 8006 pkg/24303: sysutils/mbmon works on other BSDs, enable them pkg/24304: Where to get mod_python? update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
Christian Biere Re: kern/8628: Garbage can move between virtual terminals?
Min Sik Kim pkg/24305: sysutils/nautilus has unnecessary dependency
John Nemeth pkg/24306: cyrus-saslauthd out of sync with cyrus-sasl2
brook@biology.nmsu.e pkg/24307: incorrect permissions on ${PREFIX}/share/ghostscript pkg/24308: bootstrap-pkgsrc should include send-pr
02/03/2004 kern/24310: hme is sometimes SIMPLEX, and bpf ends up with dups update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
02/04/2004 pkg/24311: x11/xfce4-menueditor fails to compile; resolved pkg/24312: maelstrom-sdl install fails on non-NetBSD
Osamu OISHI pkg/24313: New pkgsrc graphics/libdv pkg/24314: New port for OpenVPN
Min Sik Kim pkg/24315: textproc/intltool update to 0.30 bin/24316: /usr/bin/sort -k failure update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
eggert@macvaerk.dtu. pkg/24317: mail/courier-* outdated with respect to stable source
Christian Biere lib/24318: Parser bugs in getttyent(), getttynam()
Christian Biere bin/24319: init doesn't re-initialize window command from /etc/ttys bin/24320: "identd -r" reports non-random data when getpwuid() fails pkg/24321: fprot-workstation-bin package needs update
Takahiro Kambe Re: pkg/24321: fprot-workstation-bin package needs update
awfabian@earthlink.n pkg/24322: rpm-2.5.4nb1 doesn't compile
awfabian@earthlink.n pkg/24323: configure fails for graphics/mng update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report lib/24324: telldir issues
Min Sik Kim pkg/24325: x11/xworld ignores BINOWN and BINGRP
Matthias Scheler pkg/24326: "gnome2-games" build fails if "gettext-lib" is installed pkg/24327: devel/ncurses: Malformed conditional in, same situatio
Christian Biere Re: kern/8628: Garbage can move between virtual terminals? kern/24328: UVM: page loan break can sneak a dirty page past file synchronizati
Min Sik Kim pkg/24331: x11/xworld configure failure on many platforms
02/06/2004 kern/24329: KERN_PROC2 null dereference pkg/24330: What's up with NetBSD's CVS site? pkg/24332: 'make install' as unprivileged user is broken
Matthias Scheler pkg/24333: "libtool" 1.5.4 enters endless loop pkg/24334: mk/compiler/ has a serious typo update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
awfabian@earthlink.n pkg/24335: bad syntax in meta-pkgs/kde3/ pkg/24336: pkg_install can't be bootstrapped install/24337: problems installing nbsd-current from a CD: /sbin/newfs_lfs is a bin/24338: mount_lfs allows LFS filesystem to be mounted even when lfs_cleanerd pkg/24339: pkgsrc/www/epiphany needs fix for mkdir(2) trailing slash pkg/24340: ntp4 install errors on linux
02/07/2004 pkg/24341: pkgsrc requires make from -current pkg/24342: squid vendor patch was modified pkg/24343: net/nicotine update to 1.0.7 pkg/24344: graphics/gle fails to compile due to buildlink3 problem pkg/24345: pkgsrc doesn't compile on -current pkg/24346: audio/xine-arts fails to install, wrong libtool syntax in Makefile
Manuel Bouyer Re: pkg/24334: mk/compiler/ has a serious typo pkg/24347: automake-1.8.2 not installing from source. Prerequisite for other pa update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24349: sysutils/gnome-vfs2 is missing dependency: textproc/p5-libxml pkg/24351: devel/gmake is available as .tar.bz2 file, about 1 MB smaller pkg/24354: installing kth-krb4 overwrites bootstrap-pkgsrc's ftp
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/24348: devel/nbitools build failed on Darwin.
Markus W Kilbinger pkg/24350: security/amavis-perl bug (using clamd) and postfix support pkg/24352: buildlink3 problem on Darwin pkg/24353: problems with 'make update' pkg/24355: editors/jed won't build on FreeBSD-current because of FreeBSD so-cal pkg/24356: print/tex-hugelatex doesn't work with teTeX2
murray@river-styx.or pkg/24357: Update to pkgsrc/multimedia/kmplayer pkg/24358: multimedia/mplayer-share, multiple problems with WinTV support
Frank Kardel kern/24359: Acer USB 2.0 flash Stick on USB 2.0 port (VIA or NEC chip) won't wo pkg/24361: games/icebreaker not building
Matthias Scheler pkg/24362: libtool 1.5.2nb2 cause relink failures
seebs kern/24363: Slight tweak for pms code pkg/24364: pkg_install-20040115 won't build
Frank Kardel kern/24365: ipsec/setkey/raccon is dangerous for kernel memory port-alpha/24366: sa going apparently going crazy
Krister Walfridsson Re: pkg/24360: glib2 wont install (on at NetBSD/i386 1.6.2) update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24367: fonts/fontconfig uses pkgsrc-incompatible docbook detection scheme, pkg/24369: audio/arts - make install fails - ld can't find libraries install/24372: build fails
Simon Burge pkg/24360: glib2 wont install (on at NetBSD/i386 1.6.2)
cjb@brushtail.apana. pkg/24368: netpbm provides no local man pages
grant beattie pkg/24370: libtool-base is broken on Darwin pkg/24371: security/audit-packages: support for FreeBSD fetch(1) command
Christian Biere pkg/24373: Fixes for net/gtk-gnutella pkg/24374: install of librep while updating libtool runs away pkg/24375: pkgsrc/security/tcp_wrappers fixes to compile on IRIX update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
02/10/2004 port-i386/24376: "MAKEDEV altq" fails
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/24377: PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL>=1 and make clean-depends broken. pkg/24378: packages which require automake 1.8 are broken by bin/24379: modload(8) failure if module file name exceed 80 characters
David Ferlier pkg/24380: New package net/p5-NetPacket
Christian Biere misc/24381: Strange definitions of UID_MAX/GID_MAX and comments
Admin Root pkg/24382: pkg problems
Christian Biere misc/24383: Bad example in ``style'' WRT printing 64 bit values update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
Christian Biere lib/24384: Undocumented termcap-feature considered harmful
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/24385: pgksrc net/ORBit2 complains about borked linking
Matthias Scheler toolchain/24386: Toolchain cannot create executables
Matthias Scheler toolchain/24387: C++ compiler cannot compile "iostream" anymore misc/24388: prune htdocs/gallery/sites.* from unthankful entries pkg/24389: binutils does not build in solaris 9 misc/24390: collect ssh keys and fingerprints from our mirrors pkg/24391: new libtool causes libwww to fail to build correctly update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report install/24392: cd src/etc && make iso-image fails on -current kern/24393: current kernel crashes when disconnecting USB mass storage device
David Ferlier pkg/24394: New package chat/jabberd-aim
David Ferlier pkg/24395: New package chat/jabberd-msn pkg/24396: gdbm-1.8.0 NetBSD-1.5 i386 package acting strange port-amd64/24397: savecore(8) fail to save/clean crash dump from swap pkg/24398: Checksum mismatch for mail/mutt in pkgsrc-2003Q4 pkg/24399: mpg123 still reported as mpg123-0.59.18nb2 in pkgsrc-2003Q4 pkg/24400: "suffixes" is the correct plural for "suffix"
chris@riednet.tu-dar pkg/24401: Bug in audio/abcde/patches/patch-ad + fix
jepeway-nbsd@blasted pkg/24402: devel/glib2 (& others) won't build under Darwin 7.2.0 update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24403: libgtop does not build on AMD64 (patches included)
dholland@eecs.harvar pkg/24404: new libtool breaks automake14
Christian Biere kern/24405: ddb(4) should mention hw.cnmagic pkg/24407: devel/SDL use own libtool pkg/24408: bootstrap-pkgsrc doesn't find dc
02/13/2004 pkg/24406: devel/libtool-base cofigure script uses wrong regex while detecting
simonb@wasabisystems pkg/24409: can't install new pkgtools/pkg_install
Christian Biere kern/24410: Deadlock in sys_generic.c/kern_synch.c pkg/24413: Fix for 2004Q4 devel/libtool-base to work with Solaris
David Ferlier pkg/24414: New package net/jftpgw pkg/24415: libtool compile mode breaks with -l/-L arguments
Brian de Alwis pkg/24416: x11/fspanel crashes
chuck_tuffli@agilent toolchain/24417: gcc/f771 build failure in current update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
02/14/2004 pkg/24411: PREFER_NATIVE= yes doesn't seem to behave pkg/24412: Xft2 buildlink (missing render.h) pkg/24418: courier-auth doesn't build after installing perl 5.8.3 pkg/24419: autofool doesn't like sys/mount.h bin/24420: make(1) doesn't fail even if reading .else twice
adrianp@stindustries pkg/24421: PLIST for security/cy2-login is out of date toolchain/24422: Build failure - fortran pkg/24423: pkgsrc/security/ssh needs zlib on IRIX toolchain/24424: building tools in current with fails in gcc update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24426: editors/TeXmacs build fails pkg/24428: pkgsrc/security/openssh: location of man pages
02/15/2004 port-i386/24431: Fn+? LCD brightness control doesn't work with acpi pkg/24433: devel/pkgconfig search path and pkgviews (LOW PRIORITY)
Frederick Bruckman install/24434: INSTALL docs still carry on about split sets
Charlie Root lib/24435: libncurses crashs update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24439: xpkgwedge message vs pkgviews port-alpha/24440: too long at high IPL/SPL in -current results in bad NTP clock port-i386/24442: DUMMY_NOPS is no more; remove remnants
Charlie Allom pkg/24432: patch for postfix _ pgsql port-mips/24438: build of libstdc++-v3 on sgimips fails
chuck_tuffli@agilent toolchain/24441: tools/installboot/ffs.lo build fails kern/24443: buf_drain deadlock
Matthias Scheler pkg/24444: "balsa" package cannot be built under NetBSD 1.6.2 update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24447: mysql4-server doesn't compile on FreeBSD
tim.walls@snowgoons. pkg/24448: package openssl 0.9.6l build fails
02/17/2004 bin/24449: sort(1) completely broken kern/24450: wi crash kern/24451: panic: bad dir ino xxxx at offset yy: mangled entry kern/24452: psignal: Invalid process state 1. bin/24453: dump(8) hangs pkg/24454: suggestion for security/audit-packages kern/24455: current hangs when running mv pkg/24456: samba doesn't build with SAMBA_WITH_ADS install/24457: metalog contains incorrect information for hard links
Frank Kardel bin/24458: openssl config parser (variable substitution) broken
chuck_tuffli@agilent bin/24459: enhancement to pcictl pkg/24460: Faulty Checksum for KMPlayer in package collection update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24461: saslauthd no longer in cyrus-sasl2?
David Ferlier pkg/24462: Working chat/jabberd pkg/24464: x11/gtk fails because of glib-error in ./configure
Olaf Seibert pkg/24471: news/inn cannot be started as installed misc/24472: knote(9) has tiny type: "...along with with a hint..." pkg/24473: databases/openldap: slapd segfaults
Christoph_Egger@gmx. toolchain/24474: -lgcc_pic not found pkg/24475: lintpkgsrc gives "unknown package" errors for gcc3- pkg/24476: empty() requires a defined variable in 1.6.x make(1) bin/24477: install(1) metalog: fix digest of /dev/null, and add size field bin/24478: Disklabel of raid sets complain about invalid signature in mbr pkg/24479: Clamav 0.66 very slow/high CPU load toolchain/24481: Failed building 1.6.2 on Linux update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report kern/24482: USB hints for Tripp-Lite usb-serial adaptor
02/19/2004 pkg/24483: build of dynamically linked zsh is incomplete pkg/24484: inputmethod/sj3-lib build fails pkg/24485: USE_ESOUND=NO does not work with buildlink3
Geoff Wing Re: pkg/24483: build of dynamically linked zsh is incomplete misc/24486: src/share/me is not cleaned by `make cleandir'
nir.mor@lintronics.c kern/24488: Voyotra Santa Cruz sound driver will not function pkg/24489: security/heimdal: kdc doesn't go to background when started pkg/24491: gmp 1.4.2 install failure
Matthias Scheler pkg/24492: Buildink3 glue code for "expat" package is broken
mkd pkg/24493: /usr/pkgsrc/x11/gtk doesn't pass GLIB test in configure program update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
Brian de Alwis pkg/24494: gaim doesn't work for either MSN or Yahoo
mkd pkg/24497: Upgrade xmms-1.2.7nb10 to xmms-1.2.9 information pkg/24498: security/cyrus-sasl has not been bl3ify'd, but mail/mutt thinks it h pkg/24499: librep won't build again
Denis Lagno swap on cgd can lock up my system pkg/24500: docbook-website refusing to build
jneitzel@sdf.lonesta pkg/24501: pkgsrc/shells/osh - this package is broken and outdated pkg/24502: databases/openldap link problems pkg/24503: galeon hangs when downloading a lot simultaneously
Wolfgang S. Rupprecht Re: pkg/24503: galeon hangs when downloading a lot simultaneously update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
Christoph_Egger@gmx. lib/24504: -ldes not found
Christoph_Egger@gmx. misc/24505: flist: 129 missing files
Christian Biere Re: misc/24505: flist: 129 missing files port-alpha/24506: AlphaServer 800 specific kernel config requires apecs*
Bruce J.A. Nourish pkg/24510: audio/mpg123 has restrictive license
Robert Elz Re: pkg/24503: galeon hangs when downloading a lot simultaneously
M.Negovanovic pkg/24507: lang/kaffe update to 1.1.4
M.Negovanovic pkg/24508: lang/kaffe-nox11, new entry toolchain/24509: MKSOFTFLOAT=yes isn't working for powerpc pkg/24511: security issue in libtool-base-1.4.20010614nb16 pkg/24512: p5-Crypt-OpenPGP and friends could do with an update
ssartor@bellatlantic pkg/24513: pkgsrc - mail/balsa not building pkg/24514: pkgtools/pkg_tarup fails to install in some cases update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24515: libgphoto2 is broken with gcc2.95 pkg/24518: freetype2 buildlink3 breakage toolchain/24520: src/usr.bin/var.c 1.87 causes pkg_chk to break bin/24522: fix for -i option to envstat in -current
Lloyd Parkes kern/24516: mmap not fully functional with smbfs pkg/24517: mozilla can't resolve more than one host names simultaneously pkg/24519: lang/jikes build on OpenBSD-3.4 pkg/24521: pkg_install and libnbcompat build failure (missing header?) kern/24523: lfs_mountfs: please consider increasing BUFPAGES to at least 0 kern/24524: lfs_mountfs: please consider increasing BUFPAGES to at least 0 pkg/24525: Missing '}' in mk/buildlink3/
Manuel Bouyer Re: kern/24516: mmap not fully functional with smbfs
Paul Shupak pkg/24526: Q&D update of print/hpijs to v1.5 from 1.3.1 xsrc/24527: libfontconfig needs to link to libexpat
Rogier Krieger pkg/24528: freeradius fails compilation (libtool tag) (xs4) update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24529: othersrc/bootstrap-pkgsrc doesn't build on Darwin/MacOS X 7.x/10.3 pkg/24530: pango is broken on FreeBSD pkg/24531: perl-based packages not finding files pkg/24535: www/mozilla fails to build (getprotobyname_r)
Hubert Feyrer misc/24532: multiple problems rebuilding web pages bin/24533: mount -u fails for mfs filesystems
Lloyd Parkes Re: kern/24516: mmap not fully functional with smbfs pkg/24534: x11/mlterm update to 2.8.0pl1
pancake@panser.panse pkg/24536: net/netcat doesn't builds on OpenBSD pkg/24537: print/gimp-print-lib fails to build on macppc - Illegal instruction pkg/24538: can't find the sqwebmail pkg src update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
jschauma@netmeister. port-i386/24539: 1.6ZK hangs using satalink
Claudio M.Camacho pkg/24540: pkg_admin speaks out a warning
Dave Huang pkg/24543: mail/mutt package can't find wchar.h
M.Negovanovic bin/24541: ifconfig MB count
Matthew Orgass kern/24542: uhci panics with QUEUEDEBUG
Claudio M.Camacho kern/24544: Lots of MULTIPROCESSOR panic trap 6 lock/unlock
Rasputin pkg/24545:
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/24546: graphics/dcraw distfile keeps altering (checksum cannot keep up) bin/24547: cron's @weekly equals @daily kern/24548: can't map codec i/o space with i82801BA ICH2 audio controller pkg/24549: databases/py-ZODB: add some funky stuff to MESSAGE
Paul Shupak pkg/24550: Update amanda & sub-pkgs from 2.4.2p2 to 2.4.4p2 kern/24551: switching with held simple_lock in sys_pipe.c on i386/MP system pkg/24553: Jabberd needs mysql and can't find it
oherrala@txpo.local pkg/24552: update cad/eagle to 4.11 (patch applied) kern/24554: st0(esiop0:0:5:0): command timeout doing backups kern/24557: sys/queue.h has multiple defines for SIMPLEQ access methods update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report bin/24559: sushi(8) shows forms with incomplete lines
02/26/2004 bin/24556: /rescue/ksh does not work pkg/24560: /etc/security doesn't parse /etc/exports correctly bin/24561: /etc/security doesn't parse /etc/exports correctly bin/24562: sushi(8): edit usermgmt.conf does not work
Charlie Allom pkg/24563: bmake won't compile 64 bit as suggested pkg/24564: vim pkg shouldn't force ncurses use update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
axel@axel.truedestin kern/24565: #define LARGE_NAT in /sys/netinet/ip_nat.h doesn't compile clean pkg/24566: xmms fails to build under solaris with pkgsrc port-i386/24567: cardbus #defines set badly for machines with >1G RAM
02/27/2004 pkg/24568: libgcrypt 1.1.92 can't find libiconv pkg/24569: ap-ruby install runs away with the CPU in hand pkg/24571: gforth breaks on compile
Ray Phillips port-i386/24570: port-i386 pkg/24573: lang/gcc3-ada kern/24574: fill_kproc2() may do a null pointer de-reference -> panic
Julian Coleman Re: pkg/24543: mail/mutt package can't find wchar.h pkg/24575: audio/xmms configure is not compatible with pkgsrc pkg/24576: audio/xmms-musepack doesn't compile on Slackware 9; libtool problem pkg/24577: audio/libao has wrong settings for Linux pkg/24578: sysutils/fam is broken on Linux because of pkgsrc patches
S.P.Zeidler pkg/24579: security/gnupg should choose ELF format for m68k--netbsdelf pkg/24581: graphics/png has a strange (and not needed) way to inform the user a pkg/24582: graphics/libwmf/MESSAGE contains obsolete information bin/24583: /etc/security doesn't parse /etc/exports correctly pkg/24584: ytalk will not build w/o x11 update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report
,,, pkg/24585: Upgrade devel/tla to 1.2 pkg/24586: Upgrade of SML-NJ to 110.45
Martin Husemann pkg/24587: maradns rc.d script is useless pkg/24588: Unable to compile libtool-1.5.2 on NetBSD 1.5.2 (Infinite Loop) pkg/24589: removing dependency of kvm and setgid kmem for pkgsrc/net/wminet
02/28/2004 pkg/24590: objc support is missing from the pkgscr/mk/compiler stuff xsrc/24591: xsrc make release into empty destdir fails pkg/24592: editors/vim-kde toolchain/24593: -current cannot compile c++ programs update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24594: pkgsrc/www/apache should use ${CHGRP} over chgrp
Tim Robbins Re: kern/24516: mmap not fully functional with smbfs kern/24595: uvm_fault: writable mapping for loaned out page kern/24596: genfs_putpages() problems port-i386/24598: NE2000 driver unreliable pkg/24599: lang/python23 doesn't build on FreeBSD pkg/24600: devel/boost/ is missing pkg/24601: threading problems with pkgsrc and FreeBSD 4 - bl3 bug? pkg/24602: textproc/scrollkeeper won't build on a clean FreeBSD system (PREFER_
Peter Postma lib/24604: libform 'enum match' performs wrong matches
"ulih." pkg/24606: apache-1.3-build fails pkg/24607: pkgsrc/net/ntp4 problems on IRIX (and maybe others as well) update NetBSD Nightly Trouble Ticket Report pkg/24609: installing mozilla leaves root-owned directory in build tree
Dave Burgess pkg/24610: libmilter required pth library but doesn't have a dependency