Index of netbsd-bugs for June, 2002

SUNAGAWA Keiki Re: pkg/9965
Dawid Szymanski Re: pkg/17083: Update www/apache2 port-i386/17121: compilation fails in sys/lkm/compat/svr4
jaco@scrogneugneu.or pkg/17125: Eterm package fails to build pkg/17127: Sylpheed 0.7.6 (claws) package
Alan Barrett kern/17128: system freeze when MFS filesystem fills up
jaco@scrogneugneu.or pkg/17129: Kdelibs3 fails to build
Manuel Bouyer Re: kern/17117: NetBSD's MSS clamping code is insufficient
Patrick Welche,SCC,ext.3 pkg/17130: latin-2 postscript error pkg/17131: compatibility issue with thread libs between KDE3 and Grun ...
Matthew Herzog Mherzog port-i386/17132: kern
Eric Haszlakiewicz pkg/17133: SourceForge download no longer work (e.g. freetype)
Bill Squier Re: pkg/17133: SourceForge download no longer work (e.g. freetype) kern/17134: new ne* pcmcia pccard: corega EtherII PCC-TD port-alpha/17135: ES40 gets swamped by interrupts when USB is enabled pkg/17136: www/communicator install fails due to bookmarks patch
maverick ROOT bin/17138: Cross-built amd(8) ${arch} substitution is broken
06/02/2002 pkg/17137: new pkg sysutils/rox-system
Chris Pinnock port-shark/17139: shark X sets wrong
Stoned Elipot kern/17140: add support for Titan (VScom) PCI-800L multi serial card in puc(4) port-i386/17141: notebook (Dell Inspiron) clock runs slow
Matthias Scheler Re: kern/17117: NetBSD's MSS clamping code is insufficient bin/17142: Fingerd filters out international characters Re: kern/17117: NetBSD's MSS clamping code is insufficient
Martin Husemann Re: kern/17117: NetBSD's MSS clamping code is insufficient
rb-netbsd@bigscarych kern/17143: ftruncate on msdosfs file corrupts data
Eric Haszlakiewicz Re: pkg/17133: SourceForge download no longer work (e.g. freetype)
chris@Pin.LU port-next68k/17144: stackframe struct is packed wrong in bootloader
Michael van Elst kern/17145: NFS client freezes admin/17146: qt3-libs - forces "pth-syscall" rather than native threads pkg/17147: qt3-libs - forces "pth-syscall" rather than native threads misc/17148: dhcp error with multiple dns servers
Eric Schnoebelen pkg/17152: Upgrade comms/conserver to 7.2.1
06/03/2002 kern/17149: userland program make sparc64 fall over kern/17150: userland program make sparc64 fall over kern/17151: IPv4 over fddi uses wrong MTU (4470, not 4352) pkg/17153: propose: 1.7.0 pkg/17154: submit: wmusic 1.4.7 pkg/17155: sysutils/stow/ out of date
M.Drochner@fz-juelic lib/17156: nice(3) doesn't match standard nor documentation
chris@Pin.LU port-next68k/17157: boot device is always set to xe0
christianbiere@gmx.d admin/17158: Sylpheed 0.7.6 is available
Christian Groessler kern/17161: cannot compile ISDN w/o debug msgs
chris@Pin.LU port-next68k/17160: INSTALL.txt and INSTALL.more are truncated lib/17163: libedit leaks memory
Yuji Yamano Re: pkgsrc/devel/doc++ fails to compile on -current install/17169: sysinst insists on running fsck on my solaris partition pkg/17170: gkrellm 1.2.11: plugins loading impossible
hauke@Espresso.Rhein port-sparc/17162: No MAKEDEV entry nor man page for bpp device
jaco@scrogneugneu.or pkg/17164: kdelibs3 fails to build (virtual memory exhausted) kern/17171: Dead Child does not raise SIGCHLD until after parent reads all outp
Gregory McGarry kern/17159: Incompatible change to audio(4) between NetBSD 1.5 and 1.6
fvdl@wasabisystems.c bin/17172: file(1) breaks crossbuilding because of file format pkg/17174: scsh does not build on i386/1.6A and shark/1.6_BETA1
jtk@kolvir.arlington install/17176: release notes for 1.6_BETA1 inconsistent (calls itself 1.5.1)
Ben Harris port-acorn32/17178: Non-emulated page fault with intr_depth > 0 in seeq8005 dri
Lloyd Parkes misc/17173: $RELEASEDIR/binary/kernel untidiness
snoonan@tbearsiberia bin/17179: apm dosn't show different battery levels pkg/17177: devel/SDL only supports pth threading pkg/17175: gtexinfo +CONTENTS contains fixed path in @exec in binary package
06/06/2002 pkg/17181: emulators/bochs doesn't set -O2 to c++
Takahiro Kambe pkg/17182: Most packages are installed with restricted "uses Kerberos encryptio pkg/17184: gdm package Browser option does not work correctly on NetBSD
Scott Reynolds port-m68k/17180: m68k bus_dmamap_sync() makes faulty assumption regarding DCFL(
06/07/2002 install/17185: sysinst upgrade dies on systems with ccds
martti.kuparinen@iki pkg/17186: audit-packages ignores DISTDIR
Lloyd Parkes pkg/17187: kde2 ftp sites port-next68k/17190: bootloader should be available separately from distribution kern/17191: unconfigured gif tunnel gives weird llinfo message pkg/17183: need control over how pkgsrc creates users & groups
martti.kuparinen@iki bin/17188: pkgdb_remove: Invalid argument
Christian Groessler kern/17193: mb86960 driver supports word more only
murray@river-styx.or pkg/17192: Update to net/citrix_ica package kern/17194: patch to wi(4) to support actiontec cards kern/17195: kernel crashes when accessing named pipe on nullfs
Todd Kover port-sparc64/17196: 1.6 branch sparc64 port fails to cleanly build release with misc/17197: sb(4) has a comma at the end of a sentence
06/09/2002 misc/17198: ccd.conf manpage does not exist port-i386/17199: NetBSD-1.6_BETA unable to boot on old HP Vectra PC
06/10/2002 kern/17201: sys/net/if_gre.c uses if_addrlen = 4, which is unnecessary kern/17202: SIOCSIFADDR/IFDSTADDR on gre* interface destroys outer IP address s
Brett Lymn (Master of th kern/17203: playing with ipsec keys panics kernel
bouyer@antioche.lip6 port-sparc64/17204: upgrade procedure doesn't reinstall /ofwboot
Klaus Klein pkg/17205: audio/tracker without valid MASTER_SITE
Ben Harris port-sparc/17207: audioamd interrupt counts are insane kern/17208: Insufficient delay in wdc_attach()
James K. Lowden kern/17209: de fails to detect active link
Ryo HAYASAKA kern/17206: PCI IDE VIA VT8233A controller support
Osamu OISHI pkg/17210: Update mail/sylpheed to 0.7.7 with compface (X-face) bin/17211: getlogin(2) returns "root" in processes invoked by cron(8) pkg/17212: sudo fails on newsmips pkg/17214: net/pureftpd maintainer update pkg/17215: chat/ekg maintainer update pkg/17216: net/polsms update pkg/17217: submit: volume 0.8
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17218: update www/links to 2.0 and introduce new package www/links-gui pkg/17219: submit: gkx86info 0.0.2 pkg/17220: ttcp 64 big-endian 'connection refused' install/17223: sysinst seg faults during pax, netbsd 1.6 2002-05-30
06/12/2002 lib/17224: open(2) should reference fileno(3) pkg/17225: error: gkrellm-xmms 0.5.5 / submit: gkrellmms 0.5.6 pkg/17226: mail/teapop update
Manuel Bouyer Re: kern/17208: Insufficient delay in wdc_attach() pkg/17227: New web server package pkg/17229: let converters/ttf2pt1 really use t1utils pkg/17230: new pkg inputmethod/unicon-im pkg/17231: new pkg inputmethod/Chinput
Julio Merino pkg/17232: audio/id3v2 update to 0.1.7 pkg/17233: chat/ysm update pkg/17234: editors/TeXmacs update to bin/17235: pkg/17236: news/newsfetch fix
Manuel Bouyer toolchain/17237: fgen is not a host tool bin/17238: bumper patch for cron(8) kern/17239: systrace for NetBSD
Allen Briggs toolchain/17240: MKGROSSGDB=yes fails to work on i386 w/ mips target kern/17241: system chokes when heavy writing/copying to disk huge files
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17242: devel/gmake configure hangs on Solaris eating cpu time due to wrong
David Ferlier kern/17243: scrolling support for wscons
douglas@fang.demon.c pkg/17244: gimp-print-lib attempts to create directories in /usr/lib causing th
Mark Davies bin/17245: xlatecookie support for amd. admin/17246: Bug in function em_copy_region in library libedit lib/17248: getopt(3) doesn't error an unexpected '-' option lib/17250: prompt from libskey non RFC compliant pkg/17251: bug in thttpd pkgsrc version
Takahiro Kambe bin/17247: /etc/security should allow diff(1)'s option.
Takahiro Kambe bin/17249: /etc/daily sends always /etc/security's actually empty report kern/17252: patch to add support for the Zcomax XI325 to wi(4) install/17253: installation note not correctly formatted
info@ruediger-kuhlma pkg/17254: mICQ is /horribly/ outdated misc/17255: src/etc/ftpusers is not properly TABbed kern/17256: sys/dev/DEVNAMES is not properly TABbed
Greg Troxel missing bug in database
Juergen Hannken-Illjes Re: missing bug in database
Jaromir Dolecek Re: missing bug in database
Greg Troxel Re: missing bug in database
Jeremy C. Reed Re: missing bug in database
Todd Kover port-i386/17257: cross building netbsd-1-6 branch port-i386 on sparc64
Ben Harris port-acorn32/17258: vidcvideo initialisation corrupts display
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17259: devel/SDL should use mk/ instead depending on de
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17260: mplayer works on Solaris too, so mark it as such (depends on pkg/172 pkg/17262: emulators/xm7 doesn't build pkg/17263: New package: x11/xbindkeys, 1.5.5
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17264: lang/cilk should include mk/ instead including d
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17265: chat/lmme should include mk/ instead including d
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17266: www/kannel should include mk/ instead including
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17268: audio/kdemultimedia2 should include mk/ instead
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17267: net/kdenetwork3 should include mk/ instead inclu
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17269: misc/openoffice should include mk/ instead inclu
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17270: emulators/snes9x should include mk/ instead incl
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17271: emulators/BasiliskII should include mk/ instead
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17272: graphics/clanlib should include mk/ instead incl
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17273: databases/unixodbc should include mk/ instead in
Paul Shupak bin/17274: "su" program broken during conversion to use "getopt()"
06/16/2002 misc/17275: postinstall checks install, rather than full build
Jaromir Dolecek Re: missing bug in database
auto92089@hushmail.c kern/17276: getty and X fight for character input when using wscons pkg/17277: new package audio/wmsmixer pkg/17279: new package x11/xclip bin/17281: Minor grammer edit to ipnat.5 pkg/17283: new package net/sipcalc
Frederick Bruckman Re: kern/17276: getty and X fight for character input when using wscons admin/17284: playing audio cd from usb external cd-rw gives ioctl(CDIOCPLAYTRAC admin/17285: playing audio cd from usb external cd-rw gives ioctl(CDIOCPLAYTRAC pkg/17286: new package databases/p5-Apache-DBI pkg/17287: Linker flags in mysql_config do not contain -rpath to libmysqlclient pkg/17288: new packages games/adom pkg/17289: new packages net/edonkey2k kern/17290: playing audio cd from usb external cd-rw gives ioctl(CDIOCPLAYTRACK pkg/17291: new package comms/gsmlib pkg/17292: new package graphics/mpgtx pkg/17293: New package: misc/xbindkeys-config, 0.1.2
Erik E. Fair port-i386/17294: 1.6 BETA install kernel doesn't listen to USB keyboard on AMD pkg/17295: new package databases/p5-DBD-mysql2 pkg/17296: new package net/rt pkg/17297: several new packages: fonts/cyr-rfx-*
chris@paradox.demon. install/17298: sysinst's pleasemountroot message is used wrongly
06/17/2002 kern/17299: 1.6 doesn't like big -r values in NFS
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/17300: bbrun doesn't compile with xpkgwedge install/17302: sysinst does not warn if no root is created install/17303: misleading answer in the FAQ
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17304: maintainer update of chat/silc-server to version 0.9.2 lib/17305: libmenu bug misc/17306: /etc/security and /etc/dumpfiles
moehl@akaflieg.exter pkg/17307: gtl gives /usr/pkg/lib/ Undefined symbol "" (reloc type bin/17308: usr.bin/make does not build with Makefile.boot
Ian Dall toolchain/17309: Avoid depending on sys/endian.h
Ian Dall toolchain/17310: Configuring to not build toolchain
Ian Dall bin/17311: Syntax error in dhcp
Ian Dall toolchain/17312: Gas in the new toolchain won't build for the pc532
Ian Dall toolchain/17313: fails with bash and symbolic links
Ian Dall toolchain/17314: Add new toolchain support for ns32k
Ian Dall bin/17315: Reliance on sys/elf_machdep.h
Ian Dall kern/17316: NOGCCERROR ignored for kernel builds
Ian Dall bin/17317: MKPIC=="no" is not fully supported
Ian Dall bin/17318: Building "file" attempts to include CVS as a "magic" file.
Ian Dall port-pc532/17319: pc532 port depends on old toolchain
Ian Dall toolchain/17320: Disable warn_references
Matthias Scheler kern/17321: System freezes during heavy disk activity
Matthias Scheler kern/17322: dumping to RAIDframe device doesn't work
Stoned Elipot bin/17323: pkg_add uses hardcoded '/usr/bin/ftp' command pkg/17325: ghostscript build on ZOULARIS fails pkg/17326: new package: security/arirang
Charlie Root misc/17327: src/usr.sbin/ipf in -current contains no source misc/17328: rc.local and rcorder(8)
Ben Collver misc/17329: file(1) magic for Impulse Tracker data files
06/20/2002 pkg/17324: pkgsrc libexif-0.5.3
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/17331: maintainer update of chat/silc-client to version 0.9.2
Greg A. Woods pkg/17332: possible packing-list or install problem with gnome-libs-
Takahiro Kambe pkg/17333: apache pkgsrc blindly change file's owner. kern/17334: UBC swapout fix
Manuel Bouyer install/17335: sysinst doesn't allow to select if media
Hubert Feyrer pkg/17336: mule: m2ps install broken toolchain/17337: -d overrides -R in if specified at the end bin/17338: TTL in DHCP is too smal bin/17339: SU bug bin/17340: the meaning of the "-c" option to /usr/bin/su is overloaded port-hpcarm/17346: Cleanup stubs.c
06/21/2002 test/17341: test/17342: test2 install/17347: sysinst should gracefully handle read only nfs root install/17348: sysinst should set network defaults if netbooting
Ben Collver pkg/17349: upgrade audio/cheesetracker from v0.2.2 to v0.5.5
Darrin B.Jewell kern/17345: Apple UFS filesystem support, patches included
Osamu OISHI pkg/17350: New pkgsrc's of cross compiling environment for hitach h8300-hms pkg/17351: submit: IcePref 1.1 lib/17352: libcurses core dumps if screen wider than 1024 columns pkg/17354: Added network support to sysutils/grub
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/17340: the meaning of the "-c" option to /usr/bin/su is overloaded
David Laight Re: bin/17340: the meaning of the "-c" option to /usr/bin/su is overloaded
Paul Shupak Re: bin/17340: the meaning of the "-c" option to /usr/bin/su is overloaded
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/17340: the meaning of the "-c" option to /usr/bin/su is overloaded
David Laight Re: bin/17340: the meaning of the "-c" option to /usr/bin/su is overloaded
seebs pkg/17356: graphics/vid busted
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/17340: the meaning of the "-c" option to /usr/bin/su is overloaded
06/22/2002 port-i386/17353: Intel PCI Bridge (82452KX/GX?) support in pchb.c pkg/17355: new package: net/nbtscan kern/17357: panic in 1.6B/i386
Greg A. Woods pkg/17358: www/links-gui 2.0 suffers several serious flaws and limitations pkg/17359: xamp doesn't build pkg/17360: Fixed mail/courier-auth to work with new getopt pkg/17361: Fixed mail/courier-imap to work with new getopt pkg/17362: irssi-current initial package (required for silc-plugin) pkg/17363: Initial import of Silc-plugin bin/17364: wrong path in Makefile for configuration files of bind pkg/17365: pdfTeX 3.14159-13d doesn't work with ps2pdf12 port-i386/17366: i386 sysinst does not give access to partitions i-p pkg/19228: new package: net/nbtscan
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/17364: wrong path in Makefile for configuration files of bind
Markus W Kilbinger kern/17367: Activating 'tcp.cwm=1' can dramatically decrease network performanc
Greg A. Woods pkg/17368: security/audit-packages: several minor annoyances in the download-vu
Dave Huang kern/17369: Incorrect OUI for Davicom MII (dmphy) pkg/17370: pkgsrc/misc/kdeaddons3
06/24/2002 bin/17371: systat vmstat interrupt info don't read evcnt structure
Ingolf Steinbach port-sparc/17372: machine/fbio.h not installed
Lloyd Parkes kern/17373: USB printing problem
Bjoern Labitzke Re: kern/17373: USB printing problem pkg/17374: let SDL support USB gamepad pkg/17375: update misc/oto to 0.4
Greg A. Woods pkg/17376: conflict between pkg_install/ and pkgsrc on older system
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/17376: conflict between pkg_install/ and pkgsrc on older sy pkg/17377: texinfo's texindex broken - missing prototype for malloc()/xmalloc()
Greg A. Woods pkg/17378: www/apache-1.3.26nb1 rc.d script not compatible with pre-1.5 systems
Greg A. Woods misc/17379: The "Tracking NetBSD-current" page doesn't warn of "cvs co src" vs.
christianbiere@gmx.d kern/17380: a huge kern.maxfiles and file descriptor leek lead to panic
06/25/2002 lib/17381: libmenu documentation bug
David Laight kern/17382: Repeated TIOCSCTTY calls corrupt session hold count pkg/17383: msgfmt --check fails if LC_CTYPE is set to one of multibyte locales.
kre@munnari.OZ.AU kern/17384: cscope & mkid kernel make targets fail for compile outside /sys
Greg A. Woods kern/17386: processes killed because they exceeded RLIMIT_CPU are not logged
Greg A. Woods port-i386/17387: i386 installboot error messages need improvement
Greg A. Woods kern/17388: the kernel will kill orphaned traced processes without logging
Greg A. Woods kern/17389: failed ipv4 software computed checksums are not counted?
Greg A. Woods kern/17390: error handling in getpeername(2) is sub-optimal....
Greg A. Woods kern/17391: kernel may silently adjust nbuf without saying why....
Greg A. Woods kern/17392: yet other place where killproc() should be used instead of psignal(
Greg A. Woods kern/17393: FFS errors are slightly too terse.
Greg A. Woods kern/17394: a DEBUG printf() in UVM is too terse
Greg A. Woods Re: kern/17392: yet other place where killproc() should be used instead of psig pkg/17395: tcl-pdflib needs version bump, old version archive can't be found... bin/17396: typo in lpd(8)
Greg A. Woods kern/17397: defopt/devparam NBUF (and document it) kern/17398: msdosfs does not support sector size != DEV_BSIZE bin/17399: lpd's treatment of filter exit codes undocumented
06/26/2002 port-cobalt/17385: make release doesn't make kernel port-sparc64/17400: missing/broken files in release binary set tarballs
pierre.bourgin@pcote pkg/17401: www/cvsweb requires devel/rcs under Sun Solaris
Julio Merino bin/17402: Mouse support (copy/paste) for the ws console kern/17403: ipmon does not log correctly on big-endian, 64-bit platforms kern/17404: ipfilter's in-kernel datatypes for /dev/ipl do not match the ones i
Frederick Bruckman pkg/17405: Server side "blowfish" version 1 ciper broken in openssh-
Greg A. Woods lib/17406: declaration syntax in signal(3) is wrong
Jim Wise kern/17407: it is not possible to build a kernel with systrace support but with
Sean Davis panic: lfs_truncate: negative bytes pkg/17408: new pkg misc/hanzim
wojtek@tensor.3miast pkg/17409: fressh can't work from scripts bin/17410: lam(1) contains numerous overflows kern/17411: link(2) changed behavior majorly wrt symlinks in 1.5
Tim Goodwin Re: problems untarring 20020526-1.6A Re: problems untarring 20020526-1.6A bin/17412: pax -M builds broken archives
Julio Merino pkg/17413: net/linc update to 0.5.0
Julio Merino pkg/17414: net/ORBit2 update to 2.4.0
Julio Merino pkg/17415: devel/bonobo-activation update to 1.0.2
Julio Merino pkg/17416: devel/glib2 update to 2.0.4
Julio Merino pkg/17417: devel/atk update to 1.0.2
Konrad Schroder Re: panic: lfs_truncate: negative bytes
Marko =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sch pkg/17418: ispell-base updated to use ispell-patch1.gz
Sean Davis Re: panic: lfs_truncate: negative bytes
Julio Merino pkg/17419: devel/pango update to 1.0.3
Martin Weber pkg/17420: www/dillo update to 0.6.6
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/15358: SUBMISSION: new pkgsrc module for security/ssh2-3.1.0
Manuel Bouyer kern/17421: local TCP connection hang
Julio Merino pkg/17422: New package: devel/libbonobo, version 2.0.0
Luke Mewburn Re: problems untarring 20020526-1.6A
Tim Goodwin Re: problems untarring 20020526-1.6A (PR 17412) pkg/17423: new pkg sysutils/tkdesk pkg/17424: net/socks5 buffer overflows and remote exploits
Julio Merino pkg/17425: graphics/libart2 is broken
Julio Merino pkg/17426: New package: print/libgnomeprint, version 1.115.0 pkg/17427: Packages replace installed base components kern/17429: tlp driver is not working with Macronix MX98715AEC-x
Luke Mewburn Re: problems untarring 20020526-1.6A (PR 17412)
Rui-Xiang Guo Re: pkg/17359: xamp doesn't build pkg/17428: upgrade of openssh fails due to openssl conflict
Rui-Xiang Guo Re: pkg/17359: xamp doesn't build pkg/17430: let audio/xamp be xpkgwedge compatible pkg/17434: URGENT: maintainer update port net/ipa 1.2.5 -> 1.2.7 kern/17438: null pointer dereference in systrace
Anthony Mallet kern/17432: ieee1394 camera device CRC calculation
Anthony Mallet kern/17435: ieee1394 dc camera / bogus rom
wojtek@tensor.3miast kern/17436: please implement SCSI reset in adv driver pkg/17437: USE_PTHREAD doesn't work correctly lib/17439: PB to compile libcrypt with release-1-5 branch
Ben Harris bin/17440: ssh doesn't work: servname not supported for ai_socktype
John F. Woods misc/17441: sysctl -w kern.hostid can't set host ID to my IP address
jschauma@netmeister. port-i386/17443: i386-current doesn't build (assembly errors) kern/17445: second wsscroll patch
christianbiere@gmx.d admin/17446: cmpci: audioctl -w play.channels=3 distorts or mutes sound