Index of netbsd-bugs for November, 2001

11/01/2001 pkg/14416: new package - otp (Erlang) port-i386/14418: -current build makes sshd segfault
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/14419: make -j1 build fails bin/14420: affect-sym-links flag on chown/chgrp is ridiculous pkg/14421: gtexinfo should be updated to 4.0 kern/14423: panic: assertion failure in genfs_gop_write() pkg/14426: audio/gqmpeg mangles id3 tags in windows-1251 encoding pkg/14427: converters/rtf2html master site moved.
Mark Davies pkg/14422: xscreensaver Makefiles need to deal with new PLIST location
Mark Davies pkg/14424: memory exhausted building kdelibs2 with new toolchain
Mark Davies pkg/14425: updated koffice package
Mark Davies pkg/14428: KDE2 "Create New" background menu items fail with "insufficient perm
Mark Davies pkg/14429: KDE2 kdeeject doesn't work
Mark Davies pkg/14430: Mounting CD's etc from KDE2 when /sbin isn't in your path
Mark Davies pkg/14431: KDE2 kfloppy doesn't work on NetBSD
Mark Davies lib/14432: Torek stdio and gnu/lib/libstdc++ clear() method problem
martti.kuparinen@iki bin/14433: /etc/rc.d/swap1 and raidframe
Lennart Augustsson misc/14434: Use of obj broken.
feico@pasta.cs.uit.n port-i386/14435: i386 machdep.c patch
Anthony Mallet pkg/14436: Tcl thread support
Benjamin.Wong@cc.gat pkg/14437: New package: MToolsFM pkg/14438: patches for ucd-snmp-4.1.2 to support NetBSD memory and vmstat
11/03/2001 kern/14439: Crypt support for vnd
Eric Gillespie, Jr. pkg/14440: New package: x11/grun
Izumi Tsutsui Re: Possible Makefile or build script bug
kre@munnari.OZ.AU bin/14441: sushi scripts can't find pkgsrc categories
kre@munnari.OZ.AU bin/14442: sushi's pkgsrc install package selection menu lists wrong stuff kern/14443: Debugged processes may not indicate exit to parent
Rhialto bin/14445: mtree must be built (as a tool) before it is used
Rhialto bin/14446: install must be built (as a tool) before it is used
Rhialto bin/14447: mtree must be built (as a tool) before it is used
Rhialto bin/14448: rpcgen must be built (as a tool) before it is used
Rhialto Re: mtree must be built (as a tool) before it is used
Mike.Saunders@schizo pkg/14451: problems building xmms related to glib/buildlink
Mike Saunders incorrect contact information
collver@linuxfreemai pkg/14452: new pkgsrc/games/fkiss
Izumi Tsutsui Re: Possible Makefile or build script bug
kilbi@rad.rwth-aache kern/14453: Switching ca* to ld* devices hangs kernel in 1.5 branch lib/14454: inetd keeps AF_LOCAL sockets open when configured for RPC services
Hauke Fath port-mac68k/14455: ae driver only probes 32K of buffer RAM
thorpej@shagadelic.o bin/14456: src/tools does not build gdb
John D Smerdon kern/14459: panic: assertion "rv" failed: in /uvm/uvm_pager_i.h at line 64
John D Smerdon port-macppc/14460: mesh0: timeout state 3; mesh: resetting dma
Paul Eggert Re: gtar 1.13.25 configure fails on FreeBSD/NetBSD due to sh bug
Darren Reed bin/14457: sparc build fails with use_new_toolchain pkg/14458: test: -c: unexpected operator error in pkgchk pkg/14461: net/jwhois fails to install pkg/14462: "Couldn't read shell's output for"... kern/14463: Kernel freeze or panic with union and null fs misc/14464: Logitech USB mouse and XFree86 misc/14465: [PATCH] csh.1 doesn't explain "set time" variables pkg/14466: [PATCH] pkgsrc x11/aterm upgrade - 0.4.0 -> 0.4.2 pkg/14467: [PATCH] pkgsrc x11/aterm upgrade - 0.4.0 -> 0.4.2
Simon Burge Re: gtar 1.13.25 configure fails on FreeBSD/NetBSD due to sh bug bin/14468: pcictl(8) is broken by a change to opendisk(3) that constrains iscoo install/14469: src/etc/Makefile uses pwd_mkdb bin/14470: find fails with an error on certain CDROMs pkg/14472: mozilla changed distfile without changing version (or size)
Wolfgang Rupprecht pkg/14474: update mail/vm
o.vd.linden@quicknet pkg/14475: cvsup reports recursive malloc bin/14480: texinfo man pages are missing
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/14476: build www/squid with 'diskd' store type
hiramatu@boreas.dti. misc/14471: df man page
grant pkg/14476: build www/squid with 'diskd' store type pkg/14477: blackbox fails to compile
murray@river-styx.or kern/14481: stf.c breaks compiling kernel
simonb@wasabisystems pkg/14482: "diskd" change to squid is not friendly to old squid.conf files
kre@munnari.OZ.AU bin/14483: nbmake wrapper is used inapprpriately kern/14484: Bug in vnode-driver
kre@munnari.OZ.AU lib/14485: libc code portability (???) problem
hiramatu@boreas.dti. misc/14486: wrong example in pax.1 pkg/14487: databases/db3 not be installed properly
Matt Herzog pkg/14488: Eterm-bg-tile.tar.gz is not availible on any pkgsrc server.
Martin Husemann pkg/14490: ups-nut pkg should be updated to new config style misc/14491: add 'IYSS' (if you say so) to acronyms
kre@munnari.OZ.AU bin/14489: C++ compiler problem cross compiling from alpha to i386
Robert Elz Re: bin/14489: C++ compiler problem cross compiling from alpha to i386
Matthias Scheler kern/14492: Recent changes to wsmouse driver cause a system crash
Volker Stolz pkg/14493: 64-bit patches for devel/electricfence pkg/14494: unace makefile prevents proper build/install admin/14496: ``unhandled user trap panics PPC kernel on G4'' port-ofppc/14497: OF_buf isn't in OF address space
wesley.chen@cacheflo kern/14498: NetBSD doesn't support ELF symbol for loadable kernel modules
Lennart Augustsson bin/14499: make can no longer compile XFRee86
11/08/2001 pkg/14495: pkglocate should be updated because of the changes of no pkg/ pkg/14500: ( host system type... is NOT correct (powerpc--netbsd) pkg/14501: Package update: GNU GSL 1.0 (math/gsl)
Mihai Chelaru port-i386/14502: Problems with gre tunnels
crusius@barcelonades kern/14503: Xircom XE2000 not recognized
Matthias Scheler kern/14504: Latest filesystem code can cause a kernel panic
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/14482: "diskd" change to squid is not friendly to old squid.conf files
Martin Weber install/14506: make build (-current) doesn't mkdir ${DESTDIR}/usr/share/misc be
Matthias Scheler misc/14507: i386 to sparc cross build fails to create kernels
seebs lib/14508: ppc-specific ldexp uses inauspicious variable name
11/09/2001 bin/14505: cdplay fails to "play" after eject.
Dave Sainty security/14444: Proof of concept
martti.kuparinen@iki pkg/14509: apache-current overwrites libexpat.* pkg/14510: Upgrade available : devel/p5-Test-Harness pkg/14511: Upgrade available : devel/p5-Test-Simple pkg/14512: Upgrade available : security/p5-Net-SSLeay pkg/14514: Netsaint plugin check_hpjd is not built, no errors, or mention in ma misc/14515: shmget manpage proposes the use of IPC_R, IPC_W, ... to set flags
thorpej@shagadelic.o bin/14516: Mis-handling of libbfd dependencies in src/tools
Lawrence Doan misc/14519: Thanksgiving algorithm incorrect in /usr/share/calendar/ bin/14517: A working version of the growfs utility for NetBSD, from FreeBSD 4.4
hiramatu@boreas.dti. misc/14513: top.1 refers to /vmunix kern/14518: kernel panic - "panic: softdep_disk_write_complete: lock is held"
Jarkko Torppa pkg/14520: Python-2.0.1 package is not embedding friendly kern/14521: kernel panic 'bad dir' while listing ext2fs-dir
Jarkko Torppa pkg/14522: new package ap-mod_python-2.7.6
Jarkko Torppa pkg/14523: lang/python/ is out of date (breaks 9 packges)
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/14524: can't find g_malloc
fr.laissus@laissus.f port-sparc/14525: Four simultaneous tar xzpf crash NetBSD 152 on a ss5 pkg/14526: tirc fails to build and install. kern/14527: scsi bus reset while probing devices on ahc(4) after SCSI_DELAY bin/14528: nfsd randomly dropping mapped root privileges kern/14529: aic7880 gets stuck probing devices
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/14530: Galeon 12.6 won't run misc/14531: lint misses conversion warning. port-mac68k/14535: mac68k install tools build fails pkg/14536: skkserv fails to build, Yam pkg/14538: skkserv fails to build on Darwin
darrenr@reed.wattle. bin/14532: ping6 needs a source address on a multiple interface host
darrenr@reed.wattle. bin/14533: doesn't do a "make includes" before building tools
darrenr@reed.wattle. bin/14534: src/etc/Makefile constructs KERNOBJDIR incorrectly.
darrenr@reed.wattle. bin/14537: fails with r/o src dir in texinfo pkg/14539: Upgrade available : databases/p5-perl-ldap kern/14540: problems restarting isdnd: ERR ERROR setting new PPP authentication pkg/14541: New packages : security/py-gnupg
o.vd.linden@quicknet pkg/14542: x11-links fails to build when USETOOLS=yes
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/14543: New package (silc-client) bin/14544: [rkb] make search path oddity causes unexpected failures xsrc/14545: X 4.x fails to compile when using default aperture driver dir pkg/14546: rcs pkg is not available for Darwin
crusius@Stanford.EDU pkg/14547: kpilot not built in kdepim2
Mark Davies pkg/14549: missing files from kdebase2 PLIST pkg/14550: asapm doesn't work with `new' apm pkg/14551: sysutils/aperture fails to install manuals pkg/14552: devel/oaf fails to compile on 1.4/i386 system pkg/14553: xbatt doesn't handle 'new' apm pkg/14554: xbattbar doesn't work with 'new' apm pkg/14555: kapm wont work with 'new' apm port-i386/14556: port-i386 i82365_pci.c memsize problem
collver@linuxfreemai pkg/14557: pkgsrc/www/htmldoc missing dependency, upgrade to 1.8.16, buildlinki bin/14558: Sleep 100000001 exits immediately with exit status 0 kern/14559: 400ms lockup every minute in wi driver
Andrey Simonenko pkg/14560: Maintainer updates port net/ipa 1.1.6 -> 1.2
Lubomir Sedlacik pkg/14562: New package: chat/silc-server bin/14563: syslogd binds udp sockets on all interfaces pkg/14564: irssi w/buildlink build fails
seebs kern/14565: Symbol SPECTRUM24 support
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/14567: Detailed package descriptions are in wrong places.
11/13/2001 pkg/14568: Upgrade : www/asp2php pkg/14569: Upgrade : x11/p5-Tk pkg/14570: Upgrade : textproc/p5-Text-Template pkg/14571: New Package : www/html2wml
Lennart Augustsson toolchain/14573: Build system broken, no cpp
hiramatu@boreas.dti. misc/14574: chpass.1 doesn't mention -l and -y bin/14575: sshd hangs around when child dies. misc/14576: gencat(1) doesn't explain NLS acronym misc/14577: acronym for NLS not explained in mk.conf(5) bin/14578: sh(1) doesn't indicate what emacs keys to use kern/14579: ftp sessions with ipnat fail when doing mkdir kern/14580: panic in i386 netbsd-1-5, pmap_unwire: invalid (unmapped) va
Dave Huang pkg/14581: timezone handling bug in cronolog package xsrc/14582: garbage characters can appear in virtual console windows
11/14/2001 bin/14583: binutils 2.9.1 ld doesn't pay attention to DT_RPATH
Dave Huang bin/14584: rndctl -s prints stats as signed rather than unsigned
John Hawkinson port-i386/14587: i386 ddb apm interactions can be poor
thorpej@shagadelic.o bin/14588: MKCROSSGDB fails for arm--netbsdelf target pkg/14590: lintpkgsrc -i is too slow -- shouldn't look at all Makefiles
Michael Richardson pkg/14605: mysql-client site is now mirror questionaire
11/15/2001 bin/14589: tcpdump reports negative length on various capture fields bin/14591: "man -h mail" gives too much output
11/16/2001 port-i386/14592: pci mem space small
darrenr@reed.wattle. bin/14594: build of -current fails with
Mark Davies pkg/14595: koffice fails to build on current
r.phillips@mailbox.u bin/14596: Long filenames on FAT Partitions
fwkg7679@mb.infoweb. kern/14597: Bad UDP checksums on IPv4 multicast loopback packets
kre@munnari.OZ.AU toolchain/14598: cross-compiling from alpha is more broken now
Paul Kranenburg toolchain/14599: cross-compile quits when running mtree
Matthias Scheler toolchain/14600: kernel build fails if "USETOOLS" is not set to "yes". pkg/14602: new package root-tail bin/14603: /sbin/newbtconf can re-init pkg/14604: New package: GTK+ 'Color Lines' clone pkg/14606: databases/rrdtool fails to compile on 1.5.2/amiga
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/14607: frotz MASTER_SITES and HOMEPAGE out of date pkg/14608: Upgrade Available of net/p5-Net pkg/14609: Upgrade Available of mail/p5-MailTools pkg/14610: Upgrade Available of devel/p5-IO-stringy
11/17/2001 pkg/14613: Upgrade Available of www/p5-libwww
Rhialto port-vax/14614: VAX assembly in vax/in{4,}_cksum.c broken.
Juergen Hannken-Illjes toolchain/14615: make with MAKEOBJDIR set behaves strange on sub-makes
Ben Harris toolchain/14616: <> doesn't define ${GROFF} without USETOOLS
Manuel Bouyer Re: kern/12999: /dev/rcd0a can be opened, but then ops get ENODEV
Ben Harris port-arm26/14618: DDB breakpoints on arm26 behave badly
Greg A. Woods pkg/14619: mkpatches from pkgtools/pkgdiff does not work with perl-5.004.04 pkg/14620: Upgrade of editors/nano
collver@linuxfreemai misc/14621: typo in /usr/share/man/man4/audio.4
user@node1b6a3.a2000 misc/14622: DMCA violation in wargames(6) ?
Paul Guyot pkg/14624: Problem with www/webalizer/ compilation
g r lib/14625: programs that use termcap make free() noise misc/14626: fails in make obj when MKPIC=no
Kimmo Suominen lib/14628:
bernd@arresum.inka.d toolchain/14629: make obj does not work correctly
collver@linuxfreemai pkg/14630: please upgrade audio/csound-bath to v4.15
collver@linuxfreemai pkg/14631: please upgrade csound to v4.13.0.2a
Eric Gillespie, Jr. pkg/14633: New package: www/fcgi-devkit
Eric Gillespie, Jr. pkg/14635: New package: www/guile-fcgi
Greg A. Woods pkg/14636: databases/libtool does not build with new perl-5.6.1nb6
runevi@termvakt.uio. install/14637: Documentation "bugs". kern/14638: ufs/ufs/ufs_lookup.c:ufs_dirremove() does not compile without FFS_E
Robert Elz Re: kern/14638: ufs/ufs/ufs_lookup.c:ufs_dirremove() does not compile without F
Ben Harris bin/14639: usr.bin/kdump/setemul.c doesn't compile on a.out systems
mrauch@netbsdorg.fs. kern/14640: kernel hangs in syncing disk pkg/14641: Update fonts/mkttfdir to 1.1 pkg/14642: the PLIST of fonts/arphicttf needs to be changed pkg/14643: New package : www/cgicc pkg/14644: make index fails to complete
Keith Moore pkg/14647: 6to4 pkg doesn't support RFC 3068
Eric Gillespie, Jr. pkg/14648: New package: www/guile-www pkg/14649: New package: Hesiod library xsrc/14650: XalphaNetBSD crashes with PC keyboard
darrenr@reed.wattle. bin/14652: toolchain fails to compile when it gets to
Brent Newson TLS and Cyrus-Imapd misc/14654: mount_mfs fails
Manuel Bouyer Re: TLS and Cyrus-Imapd
Stephen Borrill kern/14655: sip0 MAC address all zero
Martin Husemann kern/14658: wait() hangs forever
Martin Husemann port-i386/14659: SMP kernel w/o serial console spontaneously reboots
darrenr@reed.wattle. bin/14661: -current fails to build kernels
maximum entropy bin/14662: Calendar cpp interaction problem pkg/14663: Upgrade of chat/micq to 0.4.7
Mason Loring Bliss bin/14665: Sporadic NIS failure with 1.5.3_ALPHA, 1.5.2, -current
sean.witham@webscree pkg/14667: Cyrus Imap package seg faults when using SSL/TLS on 1.5.2
Daniel Senderowicz pkg/14672: openmotif-2.1.30 does not build
knotwell@ix.netcom.c pkg/14673: let python packages work against python or python21 bin/14675: kdump and ktruss don't build on mac68k admin/14676: ktruss(1) manual page doesn't explain ktruss(1) pkg/14678: [rkb] incorrect NOGCCERROR setting breaks pkgsrc/lang/f2c build
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/14670: cyrus-imapd needs
Mark Davies pkg/14674: kde2 screen locking fails to unlock pkg/14679: [rkb] Scilab package doesn't build -- checksum & Makefil broken
Mihai.Chelaru@Cerber kern/14681: Strange error on ex driver install/14683: 32bit Cardbus NE2000 not recognized during install pkg/14684: make clean in pkgsrc is waaay too slow
gabriel rosenkoetter Re: pkg/14684: make clean in pkgsrc is waaay too slow
John Franklin Re: pkg/14684: make clean in pkgsrc is waaay too slow pkg/14730: New package: font/efont-unicode pkg/14731: Package update: editors/yudit
11/23/2001 bin/14686: Addition of -h, -H and -g to df(1) bin/14687: Addition of -h to du(1)
Mark Davies pkg/14688: new textproc/libxslt package lib/14689: cdk manpages need fixing
Matthias Scheler toolchain/14690: latest "" doesn't work with package source very well
bernd@arresum.inka.d bin/14691: tail core dumps after the recent changes misc/14692: Small mistakes in ifconfig's man pages building pkg/14693: apache6 and ap-perl does not compile together pkg/14694: Upgrade Available : devel/p5-Data-Calc pkg/14695: Upgrade available of security/p5-Crypt-Blowfish pkg/14696: New package : misc/dnetc kern/14697: Some section 9 man pages cite <systm.h> instead of <sys/systm.h> port-sparc64/14699: sparc64 manpages document the -B option to disklabel, but i port-sparc64/14700: installboot missing port-sparc64/14701: sparc64's installboot(8) manpage is totally full of s*^t
11/24/2001 standards/14702: xargs man page lies
John Hawkinson Re: gtar 1.13.25 configure fails on FreeBSD/NetBSD due to sh bug pkg/14703: Add a patch to fonts/mkttfdir-1.1 pkg/14704: New package fonts/baekmukttf pkg/14707: Upgrade available of security/libmcrypt pkg/14708: Upgrade available of graphics/p5-Image-Size
Olaf Seibert pkg/14709: www/gtkgtml (libtool) is forkbomb when . is at start of $PATH pkg/14712: Package available for chat/centericq
jschauma@cs.stevens- pkg/14711: bbweather-0.4 pkg
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/14636: databases/rrdtool does not build with new perl-5.6.1nb6
g r kern/14714: Plextor CD-RW broken for recording under 1.5Y pkg/14715: mail/qmail: man pages viewing inconvenient pkg/14716: New package : chat/p5-Net-ICQ2000 pkg/14718: New package : chat/vicq
11/25/2001 pkg/14713: sketch cannot install properly pkg/14719: Missing files in print/teTeX-bin-1.0.7nb1
John Hawkinson install/14720: distrib/notes: two-column macros don't work kern/14721: It's possible to crash the system by opening a large number of file kern/14722: Opening too much files changes the UID! bin/14724: traceroute.8 missing description of -q option kern/14759: kernel diagnostic assertion failure in genfs_putpages
11/26/2001 kern/14723: GENIUS LAN ME3000II PCMCIA card support (patch included) pkg/14726: Package update: editors/yudit from 2.4 to 2.4.8 pkg/14727: New package: efont-unicode
Mark Davies pkg/14728: kde-2.2.2 package update
Lennart Augustsson port-macppc/14732: macppc DDB does not obey console protocol
Lennart Augustsson port-macppc/14733: macppc USB console attachment broken
Lennart Augustsson port-i386/14734: i386 & pckbc console keyboard attach is broken
Lennart Augustsson port-i386/14735: PERFCTRS and MTRR not documented
collver@linuxfreemai pkg/14736: new pkgsrc/textproc/tex2rtf
collver@linuxfreemai pkg/14737: new pkgsrc/x11/wx1Motif
collver@linuxfreemai pkg/14738: new pkgsrc/audio/jazz misc/14740: [PATCH] Missing example passwd.conf file.
Greg A. Woods Re: misc/14740: [PATCH] Missing example passwd.conf file. kern/14742:
lloyd@must-have-coff port-sparc64/14746: Kernel and compiler alignment mismatch
11/27/2001 kern/14739: BUFFALO WLAN card WLI-CF-S11G info kern/14741: pcmcia_io_alloc and bad start io address PCMCIA devices
Antti Kantee pkg/14743: mail/spruce MASTER_SITES may be incorrect port-mac68k/14744: Mac68k kernel will not boot without debugger
gabriel rosenkoetter Re: port-macppc/14733 macppc USB console attachment broken
john heasley pkg/14745: gnapster segv - fail to check return value
Lennart Augustsson Re: port-macppc/14733 macppc USB console attachment broken
david.laight@btinter port-i386/14748: mbr_bootsel timeouts >30 mins are treated as no timeout pkg/14749: Upgrade available : devel/p5-Parse-Yapp pkg/14750: Upgrade available : textproc/p5-XML-DOM
Kimmo Suominen bin/14751: ftpd dies when "motd none" is used
chris@paradox.demon. pkg/14753: guppi complains about out of data gdk-pixbuf
chris@paradox.demon. pkg/14752: gnumeric requires a specific version of gb
jared@gaia.wa pkg/14754: wordperfect no longer builds
Mark Davies pkg/14755: kcontrol's info/partitions page seg faults with nfs partitions kern/14756: /proc/<pid>/exe is not a symbolic link pkg/14757: databases/rrdtool is broken -- can't find
yannick.montulet@epi misc/14758: Error in the mbuf manpage pkg/14763: new mail/qtools: utilities for filtering via .qmail
ORI Manabu pkg/14765: Update: db3-3.11.2
Martti Kuparinen pkg/14767: lintpkgsrc and PKGREVISION
wgstuken@nagler-comp kern/14769: bug-report
wgstuken@nagler-comp kern/14770: raidframe startupscript doesn't handle autoconfigured devices corre pkg/14772: New package "ttf2pt1" - TrueType font to Postscript Type 1 converter pkg/14771: Update graphics/freetype2 to 2.0.5 pkg/14773: New package "ttftot42" - TrueType font to Type 42 converter port-sparc/14774: 4800bps mouse on SS2 does not work
Martin Weber /etc/security and passwd.conf interact poorly [okay. Too dumb to use send-pr.]
Martin Weber Re: /etc/security and passwd.conf interact poorly [okay. Too dumb to use send-p kern/14776: Machine crash when linking a device to a NFS mounted partition
Manuel.Bouyer@lip6.f port-i386/14777: release-1-4 fails tom compile whith USER_LDT
Alfred Perlstein pkg/14778: dsssl-docbook-modular pkg update kern/14781: genfs_getpages reads-ahead too many pages on small pagesize system
Greg A. Woods pkg/14782: www/webalizer (2.01-06) won't build on NetBSD < 1.4 (or < 1.3I) Re: bin/14779: usr.sbin/config generates bogus flags on kern/14783: pagedaemon: deadlock detected! pkg/14784: new mail/ezmlm-idx: ezmlm with enhancements by 3rd parties pkg/14785: Upgrade Available of devel/p5-Test-Simple
11/30/2001 bin/14779: usr.sbin/config generates bogus flags on "needs-flag" kern/14780: Western Digital WD400EB not recognized correctly on DEC PWS 500au Re: bin/14779: usr.sbin/config generates bogus flags on "needs-flag" pkg/14786: New package : devel/py-Optik
Martin Husemann kern/14789: tlp driver fails under load with a Macronix MX98713
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha kern/14790: COREGA FEther USB-TXS and ELECOM UC-SGT support pkg/14791: New package 'ttf2pt1-chinese'
mike.blomgren@ccnox. kern/14792: 'cat /dev/bktr' causes kernel fault & system halt kern/14793: panic in UFS
Johan Danielsson pkg/14794: new: mozilla flash plugin kern/14795: sched_lock panic
Dave Huang install/14797: INSTALL documentation uses sh syntax, but default root shell is bin/14798: hexdump shows wrong file length when input ends with incomplete dupl
Robert Elz bin/14802: enhancement for find (find -updated file)