Subject: Re: gtar 1.13.25 configure fails on FreeBSD/NetBSD due to sh bug
To: Paul Eggert <>
From: John Hawkinson <jhawk@MIT.EDU>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/24/2001 00:34:35
Paul Eggert <> wrote on Sun,  4 Nov 2001
at 21:54:57 -0800 in <>:

> It sure does.  I'll CC: this message to freebsd-bugs and netbsd-bugs
> to let them know about the bug.

Note, for the record (since no one else seems to have mentioned it in
the intervening 3 weeks), that this is a potentially dangerous use of
netbsd-bugs, as netbsd-bugs is a mailing list that receives a
"courtesy copy" of every PR filed with send-pr (which submits to

While a mail message here is certainly better than nothing, it's not
guaranteed to get the attention that it deserves, and a bug filed with
"send-pr" on a NetBSD system, or
"", would certainly
be better.  On the flipside, though, it's certainly
way better than nothing.

I don't recall what happens if unformatted mail gets sent to
gnats-bugs; it's possible it also does the right thing...