Index of netbsd-bugs for December, 1999

12/01/1999 lib/8930: getopt (..., char *const [], ...) not getopt (..., char *const *, ...
Antti Kantee kern/8931: softdep filesystem freeze kern/8932: ipnat.8 incorrectly says that both IPFORWARDING and GATEWAY options kern/8933: RAIDframe swap partitions cause unclean raid devices
Feico Dillema bin/8934: IPv6 support for syslogd
Martin J. Laubach lib/8935: pw_edit is naive in command line parsing
Havard Eidnes pkg/8936: Missing package: Apache/HTML-Embperl
dgatwood@deepspace.m bin/8937: NetBSD ftp client not compatible with current wu-ftpd
Erik E. Fair bin/8938: whois program should be replaced with whois++ or equivalent port-alpha/8939: unexpected machine check
Todd Whitesel Re: bin/8893: possible parsing bug in test? pkg/8940: update pkgsrc/misc/fd (followup source distribution update) pkg/8941: editor 'ne' won't build
Mario Kemper pkg/8942: plan and netpland
WL bin/8943: undocumented option in /bin/ps
Greg A. Woods Re: bin/8938: whois program should be replaced with whois++ or equivalent
12/04/1999 kern/8945: Calling pwrite() from Linux application causes panic
Rhialto pkg/8946: Mozilla does not build on Alpha
Dan McMahill port-sparc/8947: tcpdump causes kernel panic
Martin Husemann bin/8948: ftp dumps core
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8949: xwdtopnm (graphics/netpbm) doesn't work correctly for some files
Dan Winship port-powerpc/8952: gcc on powerpc sometimes generates bad struct copies
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8953: pkglint feature request -- PLIST check
Dave Sainty Re: kern/8945: Calling pwrite() from Linux application causes panic
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha kern/8954: buffer cache is too little when BUFCACHE is defined. pkg/8955: Add Apache::DBI package pkg/8956: Add p5-IO-stringy package pkg/8957: Add a p5-MIME-tools package pkg/8958: Add p5-Devel-Symdump package kern/8959: IPsec fails in absence of IPv6
12/06/1999 kern/8960: LFS crash on alpha pkg/8961: benchmarks/postmark package submission for postmark-1.11 port-next68k/8962: boot fails on machines which do not have 32M of memory
Bill Studenmund pkg/8963: Sleepycat db3 package start kern/8964: panic on reboot(2) if an LFS is mounted read-only port-next68k/8965: no boot(8) man page for next68k
12/07/1999 bin/8966: rtadvd (8), use /etc/rtadvd.conf, instaed of /usr/local/v6/etc/rtadvd
Dan Winship misc/8967: make really likes rebuilding libterm pkg/8969: Dynamic socks library doesn't work
Charlie Root pkg/8968: www/ap-ssl won't build with RSAREF2 due to typos pkg/8970: Add PGP::PGP5::MessageProcessor package port-m68k/8971: cross compiling the m68k fpsp sources with a recent gas fails
smb@pueblo.research. pkg/8972: 'abacus' doesn't run without library magic
Matthieu Herrb port-i386/8973: new XFree86 aperture driver for i386 with MTRR support pkg/8974: package libglade does not compile
smb@pueblo.research. pkg/8975: lyx patches fail
Matthias Scheler kern/8976: USB transfers to 250MB zip drive cause massive driver failure
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni bin/8977: makewhatis fails with non-numerical sections
omar@jake.capybara.o pkg/8978: xemacs pkgsrc install does not properly install xpm
komine@cc.meisei-u.a pkg/8979: pkgsrc/www/ap-perl update to 1.21 misc/8980: problems with hier(7) man page
12/10/1999 pkg/8981:
Eric Schnoebelen pkg/8982: change in pkg_install breaks third party product packaging
Frederick Bruckman port-mac68k/8983: mac68k kernel build broken in 1-4 branch
Hubert Feyrer bin/8984: ld: internal consistency check failure
12/12/1999 pkg/8985: Please add new package DAP to category audio lib/8986: Asking malloc(3) for too much memory causes a segfault
Manuel Bouyer kern/8988: 'fatal page fault' in network stack on i386 pkg/8989: Samba 2.0.6 fails to start
Jason R Thorpe kern/8990: IP broken after KAME update
12/14/1999 port-i386/8992: Sony Vaio CD-ROM drive PCGA-CD5 doesn't work lib/8993: Strange behaviour of wscons with arrows key
smb@pueblo.research. kern/8994: 'ping' on eon0 crashes the system
Reinoud.Zandijk@rang kern/8995: Panic: free list modified kern/8996: VOP_UPDATE: waitfor -> flags
r.phillips@mailbox.u bin/8997: tar won't untar an OSF/1 tar file properly
12/16/1999 bin/8999: amd.conf(5) man page still missing
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9000: package audio/emixer doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9002: package audio/splay doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9001: package audio/mikmod doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9005: package lang/python doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9003: package audio/xsidplay doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9004: package comms/hylafax doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9007: package emulators/doscmd doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9006: package editors/vile doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9008: package emulators/vice doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9009: package games/maelstrom doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9010: package lang/ghc doesn't build
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9011: packages compat12 and compat13 ruin links in /usr/lib
johnam@mail.kemper.o pkg/9012: StarOffice not building
Antti Kantee Re: pkg/9012: StarOffice not building
johnam@mail.kemper.o pkg/9013: StarOffice will not install pkg/9015: add jvim3-1.8 package to japanese/jvim3 port-mips/9016: MIPS FPU emulator points wrong epc on exception case
johnam@mail.kemper.o pkg/9017: kdevelop 1.0 - lots of trouble
Jason R Thorpe kern/9018: Qlogic ISP driver no longer works on AlphaServer 8200
John A. Maier Re: pkg/9012: StarOffice not building
Antti Kantee Re: pkg/9012: StarOffice not building
Mike Pelley RE: pkg/9012: StarOffice not building bin/9019: tset does not print disabled control-character correctly
Dave Sainty Re: pkg/9012: StarOffice not building
Antti Kantee Re: pkg/9012: StarOffice not building
pavlin@catarina.usc. kern/9020: Kernel panic with raw multicast packets bigger than 208 bytes
hans_de_hartog@hotma port-i386/9021: Installing communicator (Netscape 4.61) hangs at the end of ftp
ura@hiru.aoba.yokoha port-sparc/9022: semctl(2) returns invalid results.
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu misc/9023: tar man page example misses '-' kern/9025: there is no tcds(4) manual
12/19/1999 port-alpha/9026: mysql on alpha returns illegal data in select now();
Takahiro Kambe bin/9027: Systat(1) core dumps. kern/9028: 3Com 3c980 Server Adapter doesn't work kern/9029: elinkxl [ex] Ethernet driver appears to fail to acknowledge an inter
Hubert Feyrer bin/9030: Xlocale.h #define's setlocale lib/9031: ld.elf_so parsing is broken
Wolfgang Rupprecht kern/9032: softdeps filesystem full
Bjoern Labitzke bin/9033: user defined date format only appended to date output
Shane Hutchison kern/9034: can write to a mounted ro msdos disk
Brian Ginsbach Re: bin/9033: user defined date format only appended to date output
Charlie Root bin/9035: niether newlfs nor disklabel man page mentions 4.4LFS
12/21/1999 bin/9036: html special character exists in ntpq(8)
David Rankin pkg/9037: Packages for dante-1.1.0
Manuel Bouyer bin/9038: mountd doens't properly re-export export lists
12/22/1999 port-i386/9039: pciide misbehaves on ThinkPad 570 pkg/9040: w3m package does not build
David Rankin pkg/9042: Packages for dante-server-1.1.0 pkg/9043: Package install signals missing dependency too late. Problems installing on SparcClassic
Hisashi T Fujinaka pkg/9044: 'make update' of imap-uw fails
Frederick Bruckman Re: Problems installing on SparcClassic
Manuel Bouyer Re: Problems installing on SparcClassic
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/9043: Package install signals missing dependency too late.
Bill Squier Re: pkg/8651 (amanda fails to build) 3Com PCMCIA
Martin J. Laubach kern/9046: msdosfs can't read large (3.8gig) files
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9047: sysutils/mkhybrid doesn't build kern/9048: ctlinput routine in net{iso,ccitt} needs more sanity check pkg/9049: pkglint produces incorrect diagnosis
Feico Dillema bin/9050: inet6 support for lpd(8) and ipv6 support for libc/net/rcmd.c
Zach Fine gus_isapnp.c requires a change for Gravis Ultrasound PnP
Vadym V. Chepkov port-alpha/9051: man4.alpha
Takahiro Kambe lib/9052: cc(1) can't compile a file using <math.h> only. misc/9053: misc/MAKEDEV support for Cyclades serial adapters missing
erik@mediator.uni-c. port-mac68k/9054: EASC console bell fix
Hisashi T Fujinaka pkg/9055: MD5 files
Dave Huang port-alpha/9056: C++ files can't #include <sys/param.h>
Bjoern Labitzke pkg/9057: ssh - patch-ag checksum differs from patch-sum
Lennart Augustsson kern/9058: Easy to panic kernel with cd9660
Thomas Klausner Re: gus_isapnp.c requires a change for Gravis Ultrasound PnP
Christos Zoulas port-sparc/9059: Sparc 10 fails to boot waiting for the 2 seconds for the devic
12/27/1999 port-alpha/9060: compat_osf1 contains errors
Paul J. Lavoie kern/9061: ZNYX 4-port network cards do not support full-duplex kern/9062: eso (ESS Solo-1) mmaped audio output doesn't work (silence)
Darren Reed port-sparc/9063: ss5/70 has external cache ? kern/9064: eso (ESS Solo-1) audio breaks with buffer size of 64k
12/28/1999 pkg/9065: upgrade devel/libtool (GNU libtool) to 1.3.4
Richard Rauch pkg/9066:
Charlie Root kern/9067: LFS panics in 1.4.2_ALPHA while building world kern/9068: some VM-related updates for options(4)
Chris G. Demetriou Re: kern/9068: some VM-related updates for options(4)
Greg A. Woods Re: kern/9068: some VM-related updates for options(4)
jens@subzero.campus. misc/9069: spell error in manpage for shutdown(2) kern/9070: New Vender code and new products for USBdevs port-sparc/9071: Tried to rebuild kernel: config GENERIC fails with syntax erro
Charlie Root kern/9072: mknod on an LFS system will freeze the FS solid
refling@comet.lbl.go pkg/9073: submitting a new package --- the editor (formerly called) micrognu em
refling@comet.lbl.go pkg/9074: submit a new package --- the macro implementation of snobol4 language kern/9075: heavy use of FFS on Sparc machines causes kernel faults
Charlie Root pkg/9076: net/snort is out of date security/9077: default packet filters for network service daemons pkg/9078: xskat-3.2 pkg/9079: xskat-3.2
12/30/1999 bin/9080: insufficient malloc error check in systat(1) bin/9081: possible memory leak in file(1) bin/9082: memory leak in telnetd(8) bin/9083: makewhatis errors
dillema@acm."rg" bin/9084: IPv6 to IPv4 translator faithd doesn't work anymore kern/9085: enabling RFC1323 support causes some TCP connections to stall pkg/9086: New Package for Licq-0.61 kern/9087: audio mmap(2) interface not entirely clear
sgoel@cyberdialogue. kern/9088: Patch for NetBSD 1.4.1 to support ext2fs Rev. 1 pkg/9089: new package p5-SNMP_Session port-i386/9090: Generic i386 kernel uses DMA modes for ATA/IDE disks
Hisashi T Fujinaka port-i386/9091: newly compiled install floppies mount ramdisk read-only
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/9092: Y2K bug in dclock
Hisashi T Fujinaka port-i386/9093: i386 install does not overwrite mbr
Hisashi T Fujinaka port-i386/9094: Local build of install floppy inserts wrong default ftp directo