Index of netbsd-bugs for October, 1997

Matthieu Herrb port-sparc/4198: Can't build a sun4c only kernel bin/4199: Tar reads file input incorrectly
Peter Simons bin/4200: Objective-C support in gcc is incomplete
Dave Huang bin/4201: Some typos in chio(1) manpage
Dave Huang bin/4202: mt(1) manpage references nonexistant file
Jim Wise misc/4203: typo in /usr/share/doc/usd/11.edit/Makefile
Bill Studenmund lib/4204: switching kinit between mit and afs passwords requires re-linking kin
Bill Studenmund misc/4205: Adding Netatalk support to /etc/services
William O Ferry misc/4206: Typo in ping(8) manpage
William O Ferry port-i386/4207: Typo in apm.4 manpage
Michael C. Richardson port-i386/4209: i386_iopl(2) does not mention you need -li386
Brad Spencer kern/4210: Additional information for kern/4172
Dave Huang lib/4211: libedit disables VSTATUS and VEOL and fails to reenable them
Dave Huang bin/4212: mt(1) manpage claims default tape device is /dev/rst0
Dave Huang kern/4213: Kernel with NFS but no ethernet doesn't build
Dave Huang port-mac68k/4214: NetBSD/mac68k installer creates bogus ptys
Dave Huang bin/4215: ipsend sends non-IP packets on little-endian machines
cgd@NetBSD.ORG port-alpha/4216: alpha bus_space_copy_region doesn't handle overlapping regions
cgd@NetBSD.ORG kern/4217: kernel's handling of group permissions is suboptimal
cgd@NetBSD.ORG bin/4218: tftpd must be run as root
cgd@NetBSD.ORG bin/4219: tftpd has arbitrary limit on number of directories
cgd@NetBSD.ORG bin/4220: tftpd -s doesn't check that only one dir is given.
hermit@cs.tu-berlin. bin/4223: ls ./ [existing file] replaces first two chars of filename => error
Matthias Scheler port-amiga/4222: grf_cv probing fails to recognize memory size
10/06/1997 bin/4224: gcc uses /var/tmp rather than /tmp
Matthias Scheler port-amiga/4225: rpc.statd still doesn't work under NetBSD/amiga
Michael C. Richardson kern/4226: make initial TCP port a little random bin/4228: ldconfig should be configurable
Jason Thorpe Re: bin/4228: ldconfig should be configurable
Jonathan Stone bin/4230: file(1) misidentifies mips3 binaries as basic-16 executables
Noriyuki Shiota kern/4227: blocked state of hardware flow control is not cleared
Erik Bertelsen misc/4229: Minor clean-up request for /etc/rc before 1.3 (mount)
Jaromir Dolecek bin/4231: ftp(1) doesn't create directories
root@wildcat.demon.c lib/4232: breakage in libc/gen/setmode.c
Paul Goyette kern/4233: undefined symbols at kernel build time
NAKAJIMA Yoshihiro lib/4234: `ls some_existing_files /' fails
Luke Mewburn bin/4235: magic(5) is missing some db(3) entries lib/4238: getcwd man page say it is ANSI C, which it is not bin/4239: Quota support for mail.local
gillhaa@ghost.whirlp kern/4243: panic: locking against myself
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/4245: "ls /" is broken
Martin Husemann kern/4244: parameter wchan to tsleep should be const
jbernard@tater.mines bin/4246: ping(8) contains two different descriptions of -R option
Phil Nelson port-i386/4247: hang on boot
the Riz misc/4248: /.cshrc should distinguish non-root login, and give appropriate prom
10/10/1997 port-i386/4252: System stops when doing a make in /usr/src/lib
Matthias Drochner bin/4254: numeric and format overflows in ftp status display misc/4255:
NAKAJIMA Yoshihiro misc/4256: some man pages have weird synopsis sections
Jaromir Dolecek lib/4257: editline: history() has no generic error handling and isn't reentrant
Matthias Scheler port-amiga/4258: New Z3 Fastlane driver doesn't work with CD-ROM drives
Erik Bertelsen kern/4259: 10 okt: cannot build kernel with nfsserver, without nfs fs
Matthias Drochner bin/4261: mount -a fails to skip existing mounts in some cases
Gary D. Duzan misc/4262: update kern/4263: com driver race condition kern/4622: isadma.c can't be used if receive size unknown
Gary D. Duzan bin/4264: games install nukes symlinks
jarle@runit.sintef.n port-hp300/4265: crashme crashes NetBSD on an hp433
Peter Simons bin/4266: lint shipped with NetBSD 1.2 is unusable
Ignatios Souvatzis kern/4268: audio(9) description different from prototypes
cgd@NetBSD.ORG kern/4269: msync() doesn't conform to POSIX
10/14/1997 kern/4267: SCSI CDROM cannot play audio CD
ignatios@macone.cs.u kern/4271: audio_attach_mi shouldn't check for unused methods
Ignatios Souvatzis kern/4270: audio_attach_mi shouldn't check for unused methods
David D Golombek misc/4272: bugs in plan9 pkg
John F. Woods misc/4273: new Massachusetts area codes
Simon Burge misc/4274: new/changed Austrlian area codes
cgd@NetBSD.ORG bin/4275: tcpdump doesn't do NFS file handles so well
Erik Bertelsen misc/4276: Problems with some man Makefiles and NOMAN port-mips/4277: NetBSD/mips endian probrem
Matthias Scheler kern/4278: COMPAT_SVR4 doesn't compile
Chris Jones kern/4280: sending fd's over AF_UNIX sockets causes kernel panic
Dave Huang port-i386/4281: vm_fault crash on i386
Dave Huang kern/4282: isapnp doesn't recognize Boca 33.6 PnP modem
NAKAJIMA Yoshihiro bin/4279: `mixerctl -a' prints a weird output
Dave Huang port-mac68k/4283: Can't compile current mac68k kernel
Tatoku Ogaito bin/4284: yet another wrong rcmd call
Dave Huang kern/4285: msdosfs is broken
Peter Seebach standards/4351: isascii(3) lies
Simon Burge port-pmax/4286: pmax FAQ www page states mips r4000 doesn't work
Tatoku Ogaito kern/4287: accessing portal fs cause panic
John F. Woods bin/4288: mv should use lstat to test source file kern/4290: mac68k kernel won't link kern/4291: Incomplete IRQs allows in sb
Dave Huang bin/4292: apropos sometimes crashes
Dave Huang bin/4293: kdump doesn't know about FreeBSD emulation
Dave Huang bin/4294: make obj in src/libexec/makewhatis doesn't do anything
Dave Huang lib/4295: make includes in sys nukes libossaudio's soundcard.h
Matthias Scheler kern/4297: LKMs "nullfs" and "umapfs" can't be linked
Krister Walfridsson port-sparc/4298: Kernel build error
Matthias Scheler kern/4299: kernel can't handle more than 4 VFS LKMs
rvb@sicily.odyssey.c port-i386/4300:
Matthias Scheler Re: kern/4299: kernel can't handle more than 4 VFS LKMs
Jaromir Dolecek lib/4301: editline cannot be used instead of readline
Anders.Hjalmarsson@e kern/4302: Panic in lemac_isa_attach
Lennart Augustsson bin/4303: as treats escapes in strings the wrong way.
der Mouse bin/4305: [dM] boggle uses very incomplete wordlist
Charlie Root misc/4307: root .cshrc has broken aliases
Havard Eidnes kern/4306: pseudo-device rnd compile problem
Bill Studenmund kern/4308: lc0 wildcard search locks up my ne2000 ethernet card
Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pi bin/4310: Problem with pppd auxiliar tool ``chat''
William O Ferry misc/4311: xntpd missing man pages
Bill Sommerfeld kern/4313: sysctl -w kern.maxvnodes is mishandled kern/4315:
Matthias Scheler port-i386/4317: pcvt can't be compiled after version number change
mhitch@NetBSD.ORG kern/4318: ncr53c9x driver handles sequence step 0 after select with ATN port-i386/4316: i386/isa/pcvt/pcvt_conf.h needs to know about 1.3 misc/4319: `make install` trades rule "afterinstall:" false
Erik E. Fair bin/4322: src/games/hack/hack.invent.c compiler error on SPARC
cgd@NetBSD.ORG port-i386/4321: pccons can leave junk in tty input queue after X exits
Tatoku Ogaito misc/4323: .profile on install floppy does not set HOME
ignatios@cs.uni-bonn misc/4324: <bsd.*.mk> is missing Objective-C support
Brad Salai bin/4325: pppd error message
Charlie Root port-alpha/4326: Upping maxusers past 16 makes kernel fail in boot
Charlie Root kern/4327: It should be possible to override CHILD_MAX and OPEN_MAX ?
Matthias Scheler kern/4328: kernel with option SCSIDEBUG can't be compiled
Dave Huang port-mac68k/4331: gets wrong value for MSGBUFPTECNT
ignatios@macone.cs.u port-amiga/4332: PR 3123 test program makes 68060 panic if compiled with old gc
Paul Goyette kern/4333: Kernel hangs while trying to mount ffs partition
Uwe Arndt bin/4334: yp slave-server with solaris 2.5 master
Jason R Thorpe pkg/4335: Test
cgd@NetBSD.ORG pkg/4337: pkgsrc doesn't work as well as it should.
cgd@NetBSD.ORG pkg/4338: packages installing info touch nonexistant file (/usr/share/info/dir)
cgd@NetBSD.ORG pkg/4339: xfishtank package flounders trying to build manual page bin/4344: cpio link bug
Steve Allen misc/4345: sets lists update
Steve Allen misc/4346: additional changes for secr set
Takeshi Nakayama port-x68k/4340: The mha driver does not work except X68030 w/ 680[46]0
cgd@NetBSD.ORG pkg/4341: deficiencies.
cgd@NetBSD.ORG pkg/4342: xosview package doesn't include app defaults file
jbernard@tater.mines lib/4347: libwrap/hosts_access.c fatal compiler warning with -DNETGROUP port-mac68k/4348: Add support for Futura-SX video card misc/4349: MAKEDEV doesn't make /dev/{u,}random misc/4350: make in /usr/src/share/man with NOMAN= set fails
10/26/1997 port-mac68k/4352: video base address wrong for grf_iv on Quadra 630, 575
Jason Thorpe Re: lib/4355: librpcsvc does not compile cleanly
Steve Allen bin/4358: lint gets intalled in /
Bill Studenmund lib/4359: src/gnu/usr.bin/gcc/libobjc/Makefile doesn't include $CPPFLAGS
John Kohl kern/4360: specific IP address UDP ports don't get broadcasts
Charlie Root kern/4354: bad crc and alignment errors, de driver, SMC 9334
Charlie Root lib/4355: librpcsvc does not compile cleanly
Heikki Suonsivu Re: kern/4354: bad crc and alignment errors, de driver, SMC 9334
Matthias Scheler misc/4356: /usr/pkg/man is missing /etc/man.conf
Matthias Scheler misc/4357: /etc/weeky used /usr/lib/uucp instead of /usr/libexec/uucp kern/4361: libkern.[ao] gets built to wrong place?
Christoph Badura Re: misc/4357: /etc/weeky used /usr/lib/uucp instead of /usr/libexec/uucp
Brad Salai misc/4362: add path for pkg to man.conf
NAKAJIMA Yoshihiro kern/4363: aha.4 needs to update about over 16MB memory kern/4364: "panic: vrele: ref cnt"
Mika Nystrom kern/4365: nice 20 does not cause processes to "run only when nothing else in t
Martin Husemann bin/4368: lint installs into /
Peter Simons misc/4369: fcntl() file locking doesn't behave as documented
bayer@infpc01.inform bin/4370: am-tools version mismatch
jbernard@tater.mines misc/4371: /usr/share/samples is a misnomer bin/4372: init creates mfs to small for /dev
Dave Huang kern/4373: Probe for 16650 UART breaks if com port is console
cgd@NetBSD.ORG kern/4375: disabling PCMCIA 'ep' generates stray intr
cgd@NetBSD.ORG kern/4374: audio attachment method bogus, doesn't print when not attaching
cgd@NetBSD.ORG bin/4376: there are a few year 2000 problems in the roff macros
cgd@NetBSD.ORG misc/4377: various manual pages have bad titles (.Dt)
cgd@NetBSD.ORG bin/4378: xargs prints somewhat cryptic message on sigpipe
Martin Husemann bin/4382: drop sendmail from the main tree
Martin Husemann bin/4383: ipnat error messages could be clearer
bgrayson@ece.utexas. bin/4384: boot floppies and fsck/mount: PR2975 not done right, 2974 still open port-i386/4385: 3com 3C562 pcmcia card doesn't work port-i386/4386: apm problems in -current
Chris G. Demetriou Re: bin/4382: drop sendmail from the main tree
Michael Graff bin/4387: ipmon fails to monitor like it should
Martin Husemann bin/4388: sendmail uses dns even if told not to do so
Eric Fischer port-sparc/4390: sparc floppy driver could use a manpage
John F. Woods bin/4392: bug in yacc
Hubert Feyrer Re: bin/4382: drop sendmail from the main tree
None Hi port-mips/4399: FPU interrupt is hard-coded to INT5 on NetBSD/mips
Stephane Engel kern/4398: use of non us keyboard with pccons
Erik Bertelsen misc/4401: Empty mail message from /etc/security when nothing to report port-mips/4400: news3400 hangs up in Flush[DI]Cache
10/31/1997 bin/4406: tcpdump does not compile bin/4407: ipftest manpage missing
Gregory McGarry bin/4405: sysinst coredump without termcap
Lennart Augustsson kern/4408: There is no PCMCIA man page