Index of netbsd-bugs for November, 1996

Chris Jones bin/2912: mtree(8) checksums
David Rosenthal booting 1.2 from sd0
David Brownlee Re: booting 1.2 from sd0
David Rosenthal Re: booting 1.2 from sd0
11/04/1996 Re: booting 1.2 from sd0
Jason Thorpe Re: bin/2893: Prettier df listings with long nfs mounts.
David Rosenthal Re: booting 1.2 from sd0
Tracy J. Di Marco White kern/2913: MATSHITA CD-ROM answers on all LUNs
Brian C. Grayson misc/2914: m4 man page mentions $@, which isn't implemented
11/05/1996 Re: booting 1.2 from sd0
David Rosenthal Re: booting 1.2 from sd0 Re: booting 1.2 from sd0
ZaP! kern/2915: floppy boot fails when attempting upgrade
Frank van der Linden Re: booting 1.2 from sd0
Tatoku Ogaito kern/2917: another scsi_quirk_inquiry_pattern
jukka.partanen@resea kern/2918: ATM support in current does not compile and install cleanly
jukka.partanen@resea kern/2919: ENI ATM driver (midway.c) will not compile cleanly
Paul Goyette port-mac68k/2921: Some SCSI devices do not work in interrupt driven xfer mode
Peter Simons misc/2922: /etc/rc starts sendmail without path
Dave Huang kern/2923: mkdir on MSDOS filesystem causes vm fault panic
11/09/1996 misc/2924: Bugs in fsck.8
martin@rumolt.teuto. port-i386/2925: NetBSD/i386 can not boot from CD-ROM
Erik Bertelsen port-mac68k/2926: All mac68k configurations contain unused option MAXFDESCS
Erik Bertelsen port-mac68k/2927: std.mac68k contains non-needed options
martin@rumolt.teuto. port-i386/2928: booting i386 with RB_ASKNAME flag
11/11/1996 misc/2929: many "the the" bugs are still left.
Simon Burge bin/2930: usr.bin/make (Ultrix) undeclared variable
Erik Bertelsen kern/2931: Move boolean_t from vm/vm_param.h to sys/types.h
Michael Graff bin/2932: cron uses /usr/sbin/sendmail directly port-sparc/2933: NetBSD/sparc install notes fix
Bernd Ernesti port-amiga/2934: kernel panic during a halt or reboot (/dev/reload)
Brian C. Grayson misc/2936: make install of /bin/sh failure is bad
mlelstv@serpens.swb. bin/2937: remote mt fails setting TCP_MAXSEG
der Mouse lib/2938: [dM] two manpage bugs in brk(2)/sbrk(2)
Arne H. Juul lib/2939: yp temporary failures are too noisy
Lloyd Parkes kern/2940: COMPAT_LINUX shouldn't need Sys V IPC bin/2941: bug in tmac.andoc misc/2942: iso_addr.3 is not installed by libc/net/
Matthias Scheler bin/2943: named doesn't work if forwarder is used
Lennart Augustsson bin/2944: vmstat prints bogues numbers
der Mouse kern/2945: [dM] write() -> EINVAL not EPIPE
Peter Seebach misc/2946: uname -a doesn't seem to do what I expect
Chris G Demetriou Re: misc/2946: uname -a doesn't seem to do what I expect
Felix A. Croes misc/2947: bad mh termcap entry for pc3 lib/2948: possible buffer overflow in ttyaction
Peter Seebach standards/2949: daemon() should not be in <stdlib.h>
paul.goyette@pgoyett kern/2950: Union file system cannot be built as LKM
Kevin Coffee installation & booting NetBSD/mac68k
J.D.Coleman Re: bin/2943: named doesn't work if forwarder is used
Matthias Scheler Re: bin/2943: named doesn't work if forwarder is used
Christos Zoulas port-i386/2951: pcvt kbd does not work on the Thinkpad 755C
Erik Bertelsen kern/2952: Recent ELink III changes bad for 3C509 kern/2953: scsi sense problem
Christoph Badura Re: lib/2948: possible buffer overflow in ttyaction
Matthias Scheler bin/2954: pppd doesn't allow "netmask" bin/2955: timed bug
James Risner pppd doesn't allow "netmask"
Matthias Scheler Re: pppd doesn't allow "netmask"
James Risner well
11/22/1996 misc/2956: typo in mount_nfs.8
Guenther Grau Re: kern/2953: scsi sense problem
Valtteri Vuorikoski kern/2957: add an entry for the HP ScanJet 4p into ss.c
Marc Horowitz port-i386/2958: vt driver: some VGA cards are being probed incorrectly
Brian C. Grayson misc/2959: /var/mail gets reset to 0755 after make install
Robin Carey <arpa/telnet.h>
Andrew K. Adams misc/2960: OSPF is not in /etc/services
Juergen Hannken-Illjes bin/2961: The -n flag of timed doesn't work
der Mouse Re: pppd doesn't allow "netmask"
Perry E. Metzger Re: pppd doesn't allow "netmask"
11/26/1996 kern/2962: realitexpire() hates big time lumps. port-i386/2963: Boot floppies port-i386/2964: Syslogd output confusing bin/2965: Layout of ls wide listing
Peter Seebach standards/2966: Useless comment in abort.c
Peter Seebach standards/2967: abort() man page is wrong. misc/2969: uucpd misc/2970: UUCP doesn't handle directories correctly in edge case
Lennart Augustsson kern/2971: Missing SCSI quirk
Matthias Scheler Re: misc/2969: uucpd kern/2972: sin_zero comparation in bind
Wolfgang Solfrank kern/2973: bpf returns bogus data for outgoing broadcasts
VaX#n8 bin/2974: mount's child's argv[0] lies, crunch loses
VaX#n8 bin/2975: fsck lies about argv0 to child, so crunch loses
Christos Zoulas Re: bin/2974: mount's child's argv[0] lies, crunch loses port-i386/2976: i386 serial port transmit failure in NetBSD 1.2
Jason Thorpe Re: lib/2843
11/30/1996 bin/2977: Dump parsing of fstab incorrect kern/2978: NFS files' st_blksize is ... hard to believe bin/2979: fsck driver isn't so smart about picking fs type.
Erik Bertelsen misc/2980: /etc/security complains about daemon having a shell
Jonathan Stone bin/2981: sh (or make) misquotes config options with parens