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Re: i915 observations

Just reviving this thread in the new year.

Story so far for my laptop is:

- On Linux both eDP and HDMI work fine, even with rotation. Linux uses
  intel driver with SNA acceleration.

- On NetBSD 10.0 BETA, only intel driver works, only with UXA
  acceleration. No other driver or no other acceleration for intel driver

  In this mode rotation slows down refreshes on eDP alone as well as on
  HDMI (alone or together with eDP)

- If I try UXA acceleration on Linux, it shows all the problems mentioned
  above on Linux as well.

I have experimented with various options with UXA and SNA; using both
native and modular X11 servers. None have helped so far.

So, on the verge of giving up... That means once again no NetBSD on my
laptop for indefinite time. Any suggestions are most welcome.


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