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Re: NetBSD-7.0 boots OK and NetBSD-8.0 hangs/crashes during boot on a MacBook7,1

On 2020/07/06 10:05, Greg A. Woods wrote:
NetBSD-7.2 boots fine from USB on the MacBook Pro (MacBook7,1) (with the
help of rEFIT on a second USB stick).

NetBSD-8.2 and newer, including the most recent -current, hangs during
boot and the kernel messages appear to have torn video:
In any case, what might have been changed after 8.0 that broke the video
output?  Where do I look?  Is amd64 video now the genfb(4) device code?
Or is it still vga(4)?  If it's genfb(4), then I do see commits about
doing anti-aliasing, and maybe the video junk I see could possibly be
explained by such a thing.

It seems that stride of framebuffer is not correctly set.

Your laptop has an NVIDIA GPU, doesn't it? If so, nouveaufb(4) is used
instead of genfb(4), which is normally used when booted from UEFI. It
should be worth trying

	userconf disable nouveau*

for UEFI bootloader.


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