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re: NetBSD current install issue

> [1]   Bad system call         chroot /targetroot useradd -c
> Has something changed between 9.0_BETA and -current that prevents this
> from working?  Is there are different syntax or command I should be
> using?

yes.  a system call was added and when it's needed by code you'll
get the above error.

what you've been doing is technically "not supported", but worked
for a long while recently by lucky accident.

the only solutions are to avoid doing this.  ie, run a newer kernel
when you want to run the newer binaries.  there _is_ a way to fix
this in libc as well -- the system call failure could be caught and
the old one used instead, which should avoid new bins on old kernels
from crashing, but it is both not our policy and while this one case
does appear to be only a small hack to fix, others are either not
solveable or only with major effort (hence the policy.)

i support this sort of simple hack to allow usage, but there was some
pushback to implementing against policy.


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