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NetBSD current install issue

My system has multiple disks which allow me to install various versions of NetBSD.  The disks are large and the system supports EFI, so for some time I’ve been doing installations with GPT wedges and using either BIOS or EFI setups to boot with.  Early on the EFI support didn’t work on this HW and until recently sysinst didn’t fully support installs on this type of setup.  To get around this I wrote a pretty simple script that partitions the target disk, unpacks the distribution, does some of the customization I usually do, and copies any other personal files from the disk I’m currently running on to the new target disk.  This has worked quite well for systems going back as far as 7.x all the way up to and including 9.0_BETA, but it doesn’t work for an installation of -current.  When I get to the point of wanting to create my users the script uses a line like:

chroot /targetroot useradd -c ….

When trying to run this script on my functioning 9.0_BETA system targeting a disk that has -current installed in /targetroot, I always get the error:

[1]   Bad system call         chroot /targetroot useradd -c …

Has something changed between 9.0_BETA and -current that prevents this from working?  Is there are different syntax or command I should be using?

I do get a core file for the useradd command, but there doesn’t seem to be anything useful in it or I’m not using the right commands in gdb to extract it.


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