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Re: com(4) dialout device behavior change?

On Mon, 15 Apr 2019, John D. Baker wrote:

> Since I have systems that reported UAR resources at ACPI, my habit has
> been to enable the "com* at acpi?" attachment and disable the "comN at isa?"
> attachments.
> I reverted these in my custom kernel config and my serial ports work
> normally again (still need to revert the RTS/CTS loop in the adapter
> to know for sure).

I've been through a couple of update cycles on current and installed
the latest kernel and sets. Now "com0 at isa?" in my custom kernel
doesn't work either.

While connected to the port, with a known active data source at the
other end, I can press <return> and the interrupt count goes up by 2.
If anything is being received, it's not showing up on my terminal (urxvt).

Will reboot with a GENERIC kernel shortly to check.

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