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Re: com(4) dialout device behavior change?

On Sat, 13 Apr 2019, John D. Baker wrote:

> I seem to recall a change with some of the signals now required before
> dialout devices work.  I'll need to check my adapter to make sure
> everything that I need to loop back is correct.

The adapter I'm using is a DB25->RJ11 (6P6C) wired to pass TX/RX and
RTS/CTS in "null-modem" fashion. DTR is looped back onto both CD and
DSR.  The cable is only 4-line flat phone cord so only TX/RX and GND go

Again, this works fine on NetBSD-8_STABLE.

I recall something about needing a valid CTS signal, so I rewired it to
locally loop RTS<->CTS.  That definitely allowed characters out as I
watched (via 'ps' from SSH connection) the waiting 'sudo' abort.

But I'm not receiving any input either.  That has me even more puzzled.

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