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com(4) dialout device behavior change?

On a netbsd-8/amd64 system I have no problem using 'cu' to connect to
the serial console of another system (sparc, netbsd-8.99.37) with a
"three-wire" serial cable:

Excerpt from "dmesg.boot":

  com0 at acpi0 (UAR1, PNP0501-1): io 0x3f8-0x3ff irq 4
  com0: ns16550a, working fifo

  $ cu -9600 -l dty00

When I boot the same amd64 host with -current, the same command reports
"connected", but I have no evidence of characters being transmitted.
(Subsequently connecting to the remote with SSH shows 'sudo' waiting
for authentication on the serial console port.  It should have aborted
after all the newlines I sent to it.)

I seem to recall a change with some of the signals now required before
dialout devices work.  I'll need to check my adapter to make sure
everything that I need to loop back is correct.

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